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What program do you use to get the tracks you listen to on your iPod onto your Last.fm profile? I have heard of the following ones:






I installed jscrob2 but cannot get it to work despite reading through a 26 page thread about it on the Last.fm forum. Before wasting anymore time, I wanted to see if you guys had any luck with it (and any great tips that I might be overlooking) or another program. Thanks.

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i use yamipod, which was really aggravating and inconsistent until i saw a post on their boards to use the beta version. since downloading that version i haven't had any trouble. i use it only to get my ipod tracks to last.fm though as i don't really like way it's set up... i still use itunes to listen to the ipod when it's connected to the computer.

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Thanks for the replies. (I'm on a PC by the way.) I think iSproggler will work for me, but what I was trying to do was send all the songs I have ever listened to on my iPod (four months old) to my Last.fm profile. It seems that it won't allow that because I have played tracks on the computer since playing tracks on the iPod and it won't accept tracks with a time prior to the most recently submitted track (or something like that). Not a big deal I guess.

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