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Wilco webcast from Sydney!

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yep, definitely echo-y in here.


I'm getting a frosty one, anybody else need one while I'm up?


cripes i haven't been up this late on a Friday since i was six to watch cartoons. i missed the first two songs cause i was messin around with the buttons and thought it was playing/pausing. must get more coffee.


Fixed it for ya.

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I've just started a new relationship, and have just exposed myself completely, by crawling out of bed to go listen to the internet.


oh well.



Soon you should know whether or not this one's a keeper. :yes

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I'll take one! Just go ahead and file transfer it to my computer. I'm gonna enjoy it.

Wow, i really am delirious.


Here you go...it's a Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout. I'm emailing you some chips too, because you really oughta eat something.

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