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New Ryan Adams song

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I don't know if this has been discussed yet but on Americna Idol the other night, one of the kids sang "When the Stars Go Blue." The host said something to the effect, "Now doing Tim McGraw's "When the Stars Go Blue"..." Ryan Adams got no mention. Martina McBride was the contestant's coach this week and told the kid singing the song, "I was talking to Tim last week and he was wondering if any of the contestants were going to do one of his songs." Kind of sad that the songwriter gets no credit but then again, maybe that's a good thing if they pick your song to be on American Idol.


I wasn't really paying attention (I hate Blake and can't stand Tim McGraw), but when he got to the chorus I started paying attention. I love Ryan Adam's (original) version of this song. I had no idea Tim McGraw covered it. I also thought it was terrible that Ryan got no mention either the night of the performance or on the results show.

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He will be playing What Sin Replaces Love? on the episode that airs tonight at 11 on IFC. I have only met Ryan Adams once and it was nine years ago. He was very nice and humble. I have heard that he is a nightmare from a guy I know who does sound for bands and has worked with him. I am sure the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

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Outside of Wilco, Ryan is my favorite artist. He's just taken it to whole different level with the Cards and then sobriety. This is going to be the album that gets him taken seriously, and we won't have to hear the b.s. about "potential" all the time.


He was supposed to be coming to Milwaukee in January, but then that tour got wiped out. It's getting rescheduled now, so hopefully the same venues are on the itinerary. I can't wait to see him.

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May Interest Some


^^ Hit it ^^


pretty much all of this is complete junk. nice to have it all in one place. really hope this new album will leak soon and be good all the way through. he's got a masterpiece in him i think. cold roses could have been an amazing single record. the rest is just nothing special.


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Did anyone see the show? Henry Rollins is such a badass, but I've never watched.


I just can't get over how much talent Ryan has. He should have been a star, but oh well. At least I get to love his music.


You can watch the performance on ifctv.com. And yes, Rollins is a badass, a sexy badass.

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Personally, I think he's a huge jerk, but I don't see that that has anything to do with his talents as a songwriter or musician. And he's prolific enough that I also don't like every single thing he does. I think I'd enjoy ritual bloodletting more than I would a second listen through his Rock 'N' Roll album, for example.



He gets an exuberant amount of bad press. Like with the whole summer of '69 thing. I saw him on that tour and it was amazing, all acoustic solo with a couple of strings. You could hear a pin drop, anyway at the Ryman that night he invites out Gillian Welch and David Rawlings and during their song, this jackass is just yelling out. It's not like it was a request in between tunes, that Ryan just couldn't bear to hear.


Rock N Roll was made in 7 days due to pressure from his label to release a more radio friendly rock record. He wanted to do loveishell as a double album, and they comprimised on if he released rocknroll as his album he could release love is hell as 2 EP's.

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