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A Fan Made Video: Hate It Here

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they have a video for this song


You mean the loft video? Yeah, it's great for fans like us, but it's just a rough rehearsal. I meant something that might have a little more mainstream appeal. Of course, music videos have pretty much died out on TV so maybe it's pointless.

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dude i dabble in video editing and i know that what you did took som serious time and effort and i some real art.... so props to you.!!!! i onlu wish i could have the vid file and listen to it with better audio (like my 262k rips of the first webcast late night radio show,....)


ahh! this album has such a nostalgic feel@!!!!! it's sooooo good




any how mad props, good work, can we see a file somewhere of the video file you made??? batter quality, sound, vids etc



i love it! i want more!

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Have we been viral marketed?????


"straightgeorge" is a 1 post cherry ghost here



and on youtube is a 1 video "76 year-old Venezualan" .............???????


Is this a LEAK???? It looks pretty good and maybe too professional to be a fan vid




but if it is, I'm impressed



did anyone read "pattern Recognition" ??? this is like the "footage" and Bigend



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Thanks everyon. I made the vid, jeff came in a dream and toldme what to do. thtas why he is in it most -- haha! serious Tho , its good t know I was mistaken for a 'coolhunter'. haha. (bleve it or not, i know hoiw to read.)


I can post a hi-quality vrsn on yousendeit?


an which photo is the 1 you refer to, being by creativetype.? im curious...


THANKS again.

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This one! I love that photo.


EDIT: it's hard to type on a mobile... :)


haha I was just giving you crap any ways.



Did you take that photo? I know it was posted here before and the original photogropher noted that is was indeed photoshopped and the banner is really not that big.

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