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10 favorite Wilco songs

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and now to a more positive list


your top 10 wilco studio songs (again, no billy bragg, UT, loose fur)


Muzzle of Bees

Radio Cure

In A Future Age

Poor Places

Someday Soon

I Am Trying To...

Sky Blue Sky

Hell is Chrome

Pieholden Suite

Forget the Flowers



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oh man


hell is chrome

pieholden suite

at least that's what you said

you are my face

ashes of american flags

poor places


either way

on and on and on


jesus, etc.

impossible germany


those are my elite songs, in no order

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I don't know about anyone else, but for me, as every record comes, most of my favorites comes from the most recent album.


1. Side With The Seeds

2. Theologians

3. Hate It Here

4. War on War

5. On and On and On

6. Hummingbird

7. You Are My Face

8. Pot Kettle Black

9. Walken

10. Sky Blue Sky

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In no particular order:


I Am Trying to Break your Heart

Ashes of American Flags

Muzzle of Bees

You Are My Face


Nothingsevergonnastandinmyway (again?)

Jesus Etc.

Company in my back

The high heat


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Damn, its hard to fit them in to just 10 spaces....


Pick Up The Change

Spiders (kidsmoke)


Wishful Thinking

How To Fight Loneliness

Company in my Back


Pot Kettle Black

Hate it Here

You Are My Face/Side With The Seeds

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It changes all the time ya know but I tried to have it varied over the albums.


1. Ashes Of American Flags

2. You Are My Face

3. Misunderstood

4. Magazine Called Sunset

5. Hell Is Chrome

6. Box Full Of Letters

7. Jesus, Etc.

8. Via Chicago

9. Pieholden Suite

10. Wishful Thinking

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I admit to being heavily biased towards the O'Rourke era ...


In rough order...


1. Poor Places

2. Muzzle of Bees

3. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

4. At Least That's What You Said

5. Ashes Of American Flags

6. Theologians

7. Company In My Back

8. I'm The Man Who Loves You

9. Misunderstood

10. You Are My Face


Honorable mentions:

Sunken Treasure

A Shot in the Arm

Pieholden Suite

Wishful Thinking

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one of the new songs

that one off of YHF

another YHF one

something from Summerteeth...I guess

a quiet Being There one

a louder Being There one

another new one

another new one (to show how much I like the new one)

that one song everyone digs

another song

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Hummingbird (always will be my #1 favorite)

Pieholden Suite (always a close #2, especially solo acoustic :))

Say You Miss Me

Impossible Germany

Ashes of American Flags

Pot Kettle Black

When You Wake Up Feeling Old

Wishful Thinking

You Are My Face

Poor Places > Reservations (there is no other choice but to naturally follow Poor Places with Reservations, effectively making them one song)


Almost made the cut:

Radio Cure


Sunken Treasure (moreover the solo version)

On and On and On

The Colon Song [circa 2000] (I had to :ninja this one in)

My Darling (only the Sessions on 54th Street version, though)

Via Chicago

More Like The Moon

What Good Am I

Jesus, etc.

Less Than You Think


It's so goddamn hard to pick just 10 Wilco songs...seriously.

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This is some sort of rough order, depends on mood and circumstance.

1-Jesus Etc

2-Via Chicago

3-Ashes of American Flags



6-Shot In the Arm

7-Walken (creeps in after seeing it live)


9-The Lonely 1

10-I am trying to break your heart


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