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Most depressing Wilco song

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For me I would have to say Hummingbird, saw the cartoon video with the hummingbird shortly after we lost our beloved basset hound,

This was my first thought too, although more melancholy than out-and-out depressing. Has nothing to do with the video or the loss of anything......

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It's interesting that some have mentioned "Reservations". I find that song to be

one of the best love songs ever written.



It is a nice love song, but to me the message is you're okay and I'm not and I'm sorry that it's not working...that's depressing.


Plus it very much suits my relationship with my ex from Chicago who "gave me" Wilco in the first place...

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shes a jar, maybe via chicago. definetly something off summerteeth.





I would agree with Misunderstood.


But really, does it matter which song is the "most" depressing when over 90 percent of there songs are depressing? How about the least depressing Wilco song?

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I think in general it is meant as a hopeful song, but these lyrics (other than the beginning of Via Chicago and the middle of Sunken Treasure) from Jesus, etc. are the most depressing I can think of in the Wilco ouevre:


tall buildings shake

voices escape

singing sad, sad songs

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Perhaps a "most uplifting Wilco song" thread is in order?



Bet you wouldn't get as many responses. I'm rackin' my brain right now and can't come up with one. I think some research may be needed here.

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When I need a Wilco pickmeup, I turn to "I'm Always in Love" or "A Magazine Called Sunset." By the end

of the first song, I'm always 'ooh ooh" ing along with the band. With Magazine, I find myself smiling about

Jeff's ability to connect Sunset magazine to an impossible longing for me. :-)

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