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Building my Elliott Smith collection

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Depends what you like about Elliott's material. Those two albums really run the gamut of Elliott Smith's stylistic reach.


I'd say if you like the "rockier" and more produced moments of Basement, definitely get Figure 8 (and then XO too). These albums are somewhat more "upbeat" than the earlier stuff (read: fans shouting "sell-out!" after the switch) If you like the quieter moments of Basement, and the stark production of the self-titled one, go ahead and get Roman Candle and Either/Or.


You really can't go wrong, it just depends what mood you're wanting. Or just go ahead and buy them all, because you know you want to.

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Or just go ahead and buy them all, because you know you want to.


I actually do want to buy them all, and probably will eventually. However, I hate buying more than 2-3 albums at a time, because I won't have enough time to listen to all of them as much as I'd like. Usually when I buy an album I listen to it non-stop for two or three weeks, and then it may be years before I listen to it again. I'd rather give myself enough time to appreciate the albums before moving on.


Thanks for the recommendations!





This will probably be my last purchase as I'd rather start with the studio albums before moving on to the collection that is New Moon.

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