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Thax Douglas Myspace Bulletin

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here is a bulletin thax douglas posted:

I am listening to the self titled This Is Me Smiling record.


It's so great-sophisticated intelligent pop that unlike the new Wilco record does not sound like they just threw their record collection in a blender.


This is just part of the pop renaissance in Chicago.


Another shocker is how much fun all ages shows are now.

It used to mean an endless stream of Screeching Weaselisms.

Not anymore.


last saturday I went to read for Tom Schraeder and all 3 of the other bands were incredible-Company of Thieves, Dorian Minor and Real Lunch-I understood the cliche breathtaking, cause I could barely take it all in. Where were the empty cliches? The cynicism? The would be commercial boredom? Nowhere.


This is me Smiling-you can sense the intelligence like watching a hump in the river where an oter is swimming just under the surface. If Fountains of Wayne leaves you feeling like you've just eaten a ranced Big Mac, I would reccomend This Is Me Smiling


Let's hope it lasts awhile before our indie rock elite come and spoil it all-but so far the creatures seem unaware that this is happening under their sore-snouts.


As far as I know I'm the only one who can tell something important is going on. There are no Everett True's covering this scene for NME-yet.


But speaking of fagazines- I went to Borders recently and looking at all the expensive music magazines was an emetic experience. I can hardly respect somone who would spend ten dollars for this shit-and every magazine features the same names. It would be like spending ten dollars to watch an informercial. And the fucking airbrushing! On one cover Jeff Tweedy lookslike the Cat in the Hat-on another Conor Oberst looks like a Gorey drawing.


i take it he doesnt like the new album?

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No, he thinks anything but "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" is not good by Wilco. I have talked to him personally, and I get the sense from him that he doesn't like the band because of personal hate. It's the same reason he hates other things because of conflicts he has runned into with those other things.


I used to enjoy the guy, but I have kind of gotten tired of him. For example, I read a bullentin in which he praised Fall Out Boy (a band that totally sucks and is a horrible verison of 'punk'), but yet he dislikes Wilco.


I mean I like the guy, but I disagree with the way he thinks on certain topics.

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