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Fountains of Wayne

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set list: (not exactly in order, but close enough)


i've got a flair

no better place


someone to love

fire in the canyon


hey julie

strapped for cash

traffic and weather

mexican wine

stacys mom

yolanda hayes


radiation vibe

survival car



it must be summer

leave the biker

sink to the bottom


wasnt a bad concert, wasnt a great one either. couldnt hear chris's vocals much for the first half. i think the songs off of traffic and weather are better live than off of the album (which personally im not the biggest fan of to begin with). the opening act, stephen kellogg and the sixers were great. they put on a good show and their music is really great.

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I saw these guys at the Astoria in London about two months ago. The show wildly surpassed my expectations but I hadn't seen them before and so didn't have much of a frame of reference to go by. I're read a lot of reviews that seem to indicate some people really don't think much of them live - especially a really bad review of a show they did in San Francisco before the new record came out. I'm not sure whether its a matter of them not playing well from show to show or just the way that people come away from the concerts. The Astoria show was fab.

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