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wondering how young(or?) are we at VC

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One of the many many things I love about Nels Cline is that he's the Wilco who's older than me.


+1 :thumbup



42 end of this month. All my most vivid memories are from 13-20, so I still think I'm young at heart....or sumthin'. I wear my slippers out too. But I ride fast motorcycles. And I ride them hard. Better to burn out than to fade away etc.


Getting old sucks donkey balls!

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Sorry Louie... I am.. :thumbup
really...somehow I doubt that..I am 57...but it is possible i suppose.LouieB
i have been slowly introducing my mom to wilco and she has officially moved into the 100% fan category. after buying all of their albums recently, she discovered YouTube, it's only a matter of time before she joins VC. she will be 59 in Sept. will she have you beat Lou? :) (not that it's a competition)
She has me beat...this is true.LouieB
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23. Although, people I just meet think I'm 16 or 17 :ermm

Same here!

I'll be 24 in a couple of weeks though.

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Hey folks! This is my first post. I am turning 29 on Aug. 19, a mere 4 days after I will see this wonderful band in Winnipeg for the third time. My wife got me a ticket as a birthday present. I am really pumped, and SOOOOOO looking forward to hearing all those great new songs live!!

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