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last fm ate my hard drive

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It's probably just me.


noticed excessive file size volumes with Lastfmhelp.log (or something like

that) in my hidden local files and 100% CPU utilization. It seemed to be in excess of 8gig at one point,

was deleted and then shot up to 1.5 gig in short order.


Is this usual? I love using Last.fm, but until that file stops doing this, i

literally can't.


Lastfm windows client with Win 2000 pro Itunes plug in.


> Thanks, Tualla




I believe there is a known bug in the system which our development team is

currently working on.


Generally, when an individual process takes up an enormous amount of CPU

cycles, there's either a conflict between two programs running or an issue in

the program, not a RAM (or lack thereof) problem.


But for me to better diagnose the problem, could you send me a copy of the log

files for when these problems are occurring?


Thank you.


I can't send the log file to them because it is in the order of gigs.


Anyone else having difficulties?

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A few days this week, not long after I turned on my computer I got an error message saying there was a problem and Last.fm Helper had to close. I sent an error report each time, thinking maybe there was an update I'd missed or something, but nothing came up. My iTunes with the Last.fm plugin has been working fine, though, and I didn't get the error message today.

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