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Michael Vick indicted

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He said, "Through this situation I've found Jesus."

Translation: I'm guilty as hell.


This is sick-making, but would you expect anything less? :pirate

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I don't know what kind of PR move could possible un-fuck this situation, and I don't think Vick deserves a second chance. Whenever I look at Mike Vick, from now until the end of time, I'm gonna think "that's the sick motherf---er who drowned and tortured dogs." And everytime I look at my two wonderful little pups at home, it makes me able to try to understand less and less.

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I already posted this on the whoopi goldberg board, but thought those of you who are not members of both communities might want to see it:


Goldberg Defends Vick in `View' Debut


The Associated Press

Tuesday, September 4, 2007; 2:34 PM


NEW YORK -- So much for the sedate alternative to Rosie O'Donnell on "The View."


Whoopi Goldberg used her first day on the daytime chat show Tuesday to defend football star Michael Vick in his dogfighting case.


Goldberg said that "from where he comes from" in the South, dogfighting isn't that unusual.


"It's like cockfighting in Puerto Rico," she said. "There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of the country."


The Atlanta Falcons quarterback pleaded guilty to federal dogfighting charges last week, admitting that he provided money for a dogfighting ring that operated on his Virginia property and helped kill six or eight pit bulls. Vick grew up in Newport News, Va.


Goldberg was selected by series creator Barbara Walters to replace O'Donnell, whose stormy tenure on the ABC program lasted less than a year.


In the Vick discussion, Goldberg served notice that she won't shy away from controversy.


Co-host Joy Behar looked horrified at Goldberg.


"How about dog torture and dog murdering?" Behar asked.


For many people, dogs are sport, Goldberg replied, and it appeared it took awhile for Vick to realize that he was up against serious charges.


"I just thought it was interesting, because it seemed like a light went off in his head when he realized this was something that the entire country didn't appreciate," she said.


Vick has been suspended indefinitely by the National Football League and will be sentenced on the dogfighting charges in December. He apologized and asked for forgiveness upon entering his plea in federal court last week.

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Guest Jules

i think he should have gotten at least 5 years. actually i think it should have been longer than that, but to be realistic i'll go with 5.

More time wouldn't accomplish anything.


I do wonder what the backlash will be for the team that resigns him. I think if you serve time for a felony you lose your right to play professional sports, but I guess there's not a lot of call for such a law.

You shouldn't be able to work? It's his job.

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