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Bill Graham, The Rowan Brothers Rehearsal, NRPS Rehearsal

Grateful Dead - Johnny B. Goode

Grateful Dead - Goin Down The Road-->Not Fade Away

Grateful Dead - Casey Jones

Cold Blood - You Got Me Hummin'

Jefferson Airplane - We Can Be Together

Santana - In A Silent Way

Bill Graham and Mike Wilhelm argue

Santana - Incident at Neshabur

Elvin Bishop - The Sky Is Crying



Fillmore: The Last Days (1972)


This movie is a precious time-capsule that is, unfortunately, out of print on home video. The terrific performances from the likes of Boz Scaggs, Santana, Jefferson Airplane and particularly the Grateful Dead each at their respective peaks, would be reason enough to celebrate this film... But they almost pale in comparison to the portrait of the magnetic pioneering rock impresario Bill Graham and his immortal magical San Fransiscan rock palace, the Fillmore West.


In 1971, Graham decided the time had come to close the doors to the fabled concert hall (and it's NYC counterpart, The Fillmore East) due to what he candidly describes as the egos of the performers having run amuck. This now-rarely seen documentary gives us a glimpse into the hassles and headaches (and joy) Graham experiences while trying to put together the lineup of acts for this final week of shows at the Fillmore. Footage of Graham doing dances to accommodate the needs of this performer or meet the demands of that agent illustrate his sense of disillusionment with the "business" in fascinating detail.


While the split screen techniques applied here are derivative of the ground breaking work by Mike Wadleigh and company on the Woodstock film project, the subject matter in Fillmore is sufficient to set this movie apart from most other such films of the time. The only question remains is, who owns the rights to this film and why hasn't it been mastered in wide screen for DVD and home video yet?

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quick question:


with my shitty computer, sometimes a clip will crash the browser while i'm watching it. a while back, all i had to do would be re-open the browser, find it again and it'll play right away. i'm asssuming its stored the cache maybe?


nowadays, i do the same thing, but it'll start to download again from the beginning, which is a hassle if its a 10 minute one


any idea why its suddenly changed now?

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