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The Bin Man


Charlie Cavey sings for his living... inside a litter-bin. The Bin Man is a documentary following the exploits of a busker and his cast-iron bin from the streets of Cambridge to performing on the Royal Mile at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Enter the strange, hard-working, sometimes thankless yet often hilarious world of street performance.
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1973...Mick Taylor's last tour with the Stones. Keith really throwing down some tasty Chuck licks.

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Better and clearer mix than the one that appeared on IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL...

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Have to think if Keith was sober and clean, he would have never have left Mick push Mick T. out of the band.

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I just pulled out Sweetheart the other day. What a perfect record. Every last note.

Except "Hippie Boy". That one is a bit meh.

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