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50 cent's gonna call it quits if....

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50 gots better flow. plus his is homeboys with Em. I just don't like seeing fiddy w/o his shirt on. he looks like a fool but kanye is just an all around fool. 50 is way smoother.


50's a joke. His first album was alright, but he hasn't dont anything of worth since then. Kanye's released 2 bonafied classics, and the few songs I've heard from Graduation are sounding pretty good too.

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Except every single Single 50's released for this record has fallen pretty flat, whereas Kanye's got a bonafide hit, and another single that's getting pretty good play on MTV. Not to mention "Bittersweet" hasn't been released yet, and you just know that songs going to blow up. I think it'll be close.

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I've never been that hardcore over Kanye and think he's kind of overhyped, but I do respect the fact he does not march to the same cookie-cutter drummer that most of his contemporaries do. He earns points for being a huge Murakami fan (via his work w/ Luis Vuitton), an interesting article on that relationship and more in the most recent issue of complex magazine.


Seriously, Murakami's stuff is crazy sick...



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