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Flight Of The Conchords

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I you tube and TiVo that shit constantly. Their my "beest freends"


This is good news!


I'm so obsessed with the musical numbers, I found a way to download them from You Tube and they're always open on my desktop at work so I can get a fix whenever I want. :)

Bowie used to be my favorite but I have become completely devoted to She's So Hot...Boom! I must have watched that thing a hundred times and I still laugh out loud.

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half a sexy fish



you like boom, I like boom, enough small boom, let's boom da boom.....

Fast forward, Selector!




I'm not a large water dwelling mammal, where did you get that preposterous hypothesis, did Steve tell you that, perchance??? Steve.....




There ain't no party like my Nana's tea party...hey....ho!



Man, I could do this all night. :lol

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Funniest show on TV. It will be great to see where they go from here. Kate Piersen, Darryl Hall ... interesting cameos.




I saw a repeat of this past Sunday's episode and it cracked me up to see Jermaine's response in Summer and Rain's apartment when they asked if they want to get whacked off.


Dave is the best.


Just found this on wikipedia's new quote thingee:


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We are finally getting this here in the UK, starting with a preview tonight. I'm looking forward to it. Have any of you guys seen Eagle vs Shark? The guy from Conchords with the glasses stars in it (he's Eagle) and it's very funny, particularly him as a character who's kinda similar to Napoleon Dynamite in that he's a geek with a very high opinon of himself, only distinctly more unlovable, with almost no redeeming qualities.

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disliked these guys when they were portly and named Tenacious D. Their strain to be ironic looks painful. I like oddball stuff like The State, and Get A Life, but this show makes no sense to me.


I actually agree with this statement. The whole musical comedy act thing is a little tired at this point, and the FOTC's comedy is painfully obvious.

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