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the all-new NFL thread

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It's almost here. Woo!




Of course, the Bears have yet another potential controversy to deal with now... :hmm


Bears player Lance Briggs' Lamborghini found crashed on Edens


By Dan P. Blake


Tribune staff reporter


9:07 AM CDT, August 27, 2007


Illinois State Police today were investigating an overnight crash on the Edens Expressway of a Lamborghini luxury sports car belonging to Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs.


The heavily damaged 2007 Lamborghini Roadster was found around 3:14 a.m. off the northbound lanes of Interstate Highway 94 near Devon Avenue, Illinois State Police Sgt. Theodore Whittier said. No one was found inside the car and there was no indication that anyone was injured in the crash, Whittier said.


Temporary Texas license plates were on the car, but permanent Illinois license plates registering the vehicle to Briggs were found inside, Whittier said.


It was not immediately clear whether Briggs was driving the Lamborghini at the time of the crash or whether anyone else was in the car.


The vehicle had not been reported stolen, Whittier said.


A Chicago Bears team spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment early this morning.

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I'm going into our Fantasy draft this weekend without any idea as to what's been happening in off season.

Did the same thing last year and won it all.


Also, I'm still pulling for the Redskins.

This means that not only am I clueless but that I'm insane as well.

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My Giants prediction is 6-10, unless Eli evolves into a super-Pokemon.

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Go 'Skins.

Thanks for another racist, hate-filled post.

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Did anybody else see this?


A few observations/opinions...


1. What's the point? I mean, if you're going to do an NFL "best players" list, why not keep it at a manageable number, like 50? But even then, what's the point?


2. Doesn't it make more sense to do this at (or near) the end of a season? By August, I barely remember half the guys on my favorite team, never mind every other team.


3. Does anyone besides Peter King think that Rex Grossman is the 166th best player in the NFL right now? I mean, I'm a Bears fan and a Florida Gators fan, so Rex should be my guy, but even I have begun to think he's no better than a bottom-tier quarterback who has occasional flashes of inspiration. Sure, there are something like 21 QBs rated ahead of him on this list, but that he's even in the top 200 seems delusional.


4. Matt Leinart at # 99? Has King become a crack addict while I wasn't paying attention?


5. Et cetera. There are a lot of "WTF" moments throughout the list. For many players, he seems to have decided upon their rankings based on potential rather than demonstrated ability. See the comment on Leinart: "Too good at USC to not become a solid pro" Yeah. But he's not yet, is he?


King explains some of his rationale (but doesn't mention Grossman) here. Even after reading his reasoning, I still think he's on crack.

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I think the Giants will now go -2 and 18.

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