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Dr. Dog Fans

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Never seen Dr. Dog, but plan on catching their set on Saturday at ACLF. It seems to me there were allowed a slot after the White Stripes canceled and everything got bumped up a bit. Dr. Dog play early.


Are you in Austin?

I'll check back later tonight. I'm about to get ready to make my way over to Zilker Park.




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how have their performances been, other than short, playing new stuff? i'm as excited to see them as i am jeff and the boys.

These guys are okay from what I saw and only have heard their music on the radio once (I found their recorded material better than the stuff at the show), but frankly Jeff and the boys blew these guys out of the water. I am glad they like them and all, but they are no threat. (and I guess all the good band names are taken too...)



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The two times I've seen Dr Dog this year have been better than the last two Wilco shows I saw. Given a headlining slot they build a lot of steam, plus I think they are probably much better suited to small venues and not 10,000 plus Millenium Park. All of that being said I'm looking very forward to seeing both next Friday in Louisville. I however am not looking forward to the 1,100 mile roundtrip.

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Anyone on current Wilco tour can make a stop between Columbia and Kentucky on Thursday in St. Louis,Dr. Dog are playing in the Loop.PM if intrested.

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