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Tasered Student

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1. This involved a well known political figure - so security was most likely more jacked up.

2. In a post 9/11 and Virginia Tech world - people causing a commotion will now be dealt with more severely.

3. In a republican dominated police state, this sort of behavior is going to be squashed regardless of what is going on.

4. At least the kid did not get shot by the national guard.

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Whoever posted that video to You Tube did a nice job of removing the kid's prior antics - it basically starts when the cops move in. I mean, that kid was so obnoxious I almost - almost - side with the cops. However, I think with the tasering they did cross the line. Who knows though what it was like to be one of the officers. The first time I watched the video I thought the kid was on something. Still, there were a few officers there, and they should have been able to handle the situation without resorting to the taser. But who knows. It's easier to criticize the officers than it is to be an officer.


I guess the second issue is, was the kid being silenced? They let him ask several questions, but he seemed adamant not to give up the mic. Does the 1st Amendment demand individuals be allowed to express themselves without time restraints or limit? The guy said something to the effect, "He (Kerry) spoke for two hours, now it's my turn." I think, if they let him, he would have been happy to ask two hours worth of questions or deliver his own speech. I don't think anyone deserves to be subjected to that.

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Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I have no problem with the police using a taser in this situation.


If someone refuses to leave, resists, and will not go quietly, some form of force is going to be needed. The student was given an opportunity to ask questions. He did not abide by the time limit. He was asked reasonably to vacate because he demonstrated he was not going to adhere to the rules of the forum. He was going to have to be forcibly removed.


The only other option was brute force, and that can also lead to serious injury.


Brute force or taser - neither ideal. I think police should be able to use it if deemed necessary. The police are doing an investigation. I am interested to hear their conclusions.

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I don't have a problem with it either. The dumbass was practically wrestling with the police as they tried to escort him out.


Being "escorted out" and being violently oppressed by "the man" are two completely different things. dude.

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The last thing he brought up was whether Kerry was in Skull & Bones in college just like W. Doesn't really seem like something conservatives would be squashing. He was totally looking to create a scene and get tasered - which is exactly why they shouldn't have. Just drag him out by his ankles... then taser him in the parking lot. :thumbup

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Considering there's a video on his website of him holding up a giant posterboard that says "HARRY DIES" at a busy intersection on the day Harry Potter #7 came out, it seems he likes to stir the soup a bit.


The appropriate response to that particular move is a "Ron Cey".

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