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really early uncle tupelo video

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You guys are quick. :worship Most of those just went up last night. Thanks Sarah!


First song UT ever played (under that name) is up too, "Good Times":


I'll be adding a few more as I get to them, so just check this playlist:



or check my YouTube channel link in my sig.


FTR, that's me in the video with Jeff in a dress. For a very brief period, I was the fifth Primitive (aka BloodyMan).






aka "Sticky" Pants Elderly

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that was different... :mellow


i found this on myspace...wilco covering "love will keep us together" i must say it gave me a very strong case of the giggles...





that's from the night before the NYE show @ Madison Square Garden. they also did a cover of "Political Science" at the same club.

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Thanks for pulling that up. I wasn't going to repost any of it but was getting a huge amount of hits, so I checked here and sure enough, a new thread. I am adding some new stuff and closing down the urFlick site, so I was going to let everyone know when it was all on YouTube, Sarah just beat me to it.


No book, but I did talk to Jo a couple months before she died about a documentary. Since Eileen had already gone, it wasn't doable in it's form (at that time). After Jo left us, I haven't really revisited it. I'm not sure it could work with just Darlene left. We did have a great talk about the French Village show I just posted. You betcha, she was there. In B'ville, it's all about the Moms.


She thought it was so cool that the headliners played one of Jeff's songs. In fact, his first (that's me with the wicked mullet on the right):




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