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just returned from Louisville show

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First time seeing the boys in a while....two years I guess. I hadn't been watching the setlists lately, so I wasn't expecting so many old songs. Disc 1 of Being There is my favorite stuff they have done, so I was really happy with the show. It just kept getting better as the night went on. Spiders was more rocking than ever, and Jeff said "this is our first time playing baseball stadium. We like it. We've made it to the bigs....er....the minors."


Here's the songs that I recall...I may have missed one or two. Misunderstood opened. Really good energy....


Box Full of Letters

Too Far Apart

It's Just That Simple


Forget the Flowers

Red Eyed and Blue

Outtasite (Outtamind)

I Got You (At the end of the century)

A Shot In the Arm

She's A Jar

Via Chicago

Heavy Metal Drummer

Jesus, Etc


I'm The Man Who loves You

Handshake Drugs

Spiders (Kidsmoke)

Hate it Here

Side With The Seeds

Impossible Germany


You Are My Face

California Starts

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from the other thread:


1. Misunderstood

2. Forget The Flowers

3. You Are My Face


5. Handshake Drugs

6. Side With The Seeds

7. Show in the Arm

8. She's a Jar

9. Impossible Germany

10. It's Just That Simple

11. Too Far Apart

12. Jesus Etc.

13. Walken





15. California Stars

16. Hate it Here

17. Box Full of Letters

18. HMD

19. Spiders




20. Via Chicago

21. Red-Eyed and Blue

22. I Got You

23. Outtasite (Outta Mind)

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how did people react when they played BFOL again?


i hate i am going to miss a show on this leg... the set lists have been great. i like the fact that when they are switching the songs around that aren't just recycling war on war, the late greats, and muzzle... though i would love to see ALTWYS pop up to start up an encore or even open a show soon.

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That was a really good show! Nice to see Elixir Sue, and have dinner and drinks with Mtn Bed, Pocahontas and Ashtray Sez, see some old friends, and hear all those great old songs (and great new songs)!


Impossible Germany was off the hook, during Spiders when they were all rocking out across the stage with their weird little moves and dances, it kinda looked like the dance scene in Charlie Brown Christmas, and made me glad these 6 people had found each other. Just That Simple was beautiful and it does your soul good to see John up there singing his heart out, and Jeff bobbling around under his big hat like ol' Bob Dylan, plucking on those bass strings.


Other nice moments: Pat's great elastic soloing on BFOL, and then all the people dancing little jigs in the aisle during I Got You and Outtasite, Jeff laughing and saying "Dude, I can't help you out right now" to some guy who seemed to be wanting Jeff to sign his poster during the show as security escorted him to the outer aisle, and Nels just losing his fucking mind on so many songs!


Real good times.









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Best poster yet.


I hate to sound selfish, but I was a little upset that they played It's Just That Simple again. I guess I cant brag about being at the only show in which they played it in like 12 years.

but you can brag aboutit being the first show that they played it at in like 12 years.



glad the show was amazing!!! and that is a very cool poster.

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Probably the best Wilco show I've seen (except for the last night at the Vic for the Kicking Television sessions). One thing not mentioned yet was the opening for Heavy Metal Drummer... when Glenn normally holds up his sticks in his "rock star" pose... last night he held up two Louisville Sluggers instead. Also, that set list was fantastic. Hadn't seen them play Red Eyed/I Got You in a long, long time... BFOL and Just That Simple were first timers for me. The sound was great, the weather was perfect, the crowd was into it...

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One thing not mentioned yet was the opening for Heavy Metal Drummer... when Glenn normally holds up his sticks in his "rock star" pose... last night he held up two Louisville Sluggers instead.

that was hilarious.


The crowd was awesome, and the weather was great. Only hitch was when the guy next to me threw up and some of it splattered on my legs :ohwell

I guess he's not an AM fan

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It was a really great setlist and a great show. So much fun. She's a Jar with the harmonica was great (pic). Just a lot of great stuff that they seemed to really enjoy playing off of AM and BT. So many of the songs were like getting a Christmas present that you wanted but forgot that you wanted and then had this big happy surprise when you open it... It was a great show and a great crowd. The field section seemed into it; no "talkers" in my area. And I think we did a mighty admirable job of clapping on Spiders.


Yes, Glenn with the baseball bats was a nice touch. Brought smiles from the whole band.


Who was that with the shaker next to Glenn for Handshake Drugs? I suppose I should know that, but don't. I didn't get a very clear pic on that (below).


It was very cool to meet some folks from the board and hang out there on a beautiful evening. So much fun.










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This is probably my favorite show that I've seen. SO great too to have my girlfriend gradually get more and more into them, she had as much fun as I did. Great to see them bring up so much stuff off of A.M. and Being There. California Stars always rocks. The Cowboy Hat rocked. Before the show started I kept having to pee and I kept holding off so finally I go and sure enough I'm in the bathroom and I hear the intro music and then I was really surprised to hear them start out with Misunderstood, everyone in my group was totally expecting something off SBS. Great show and I totally wish I would have picked up that poster.


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Jeff laughing and saying "Dude, I can't help you out right now" to some guy who seemed to be wanting Jeff to sign his poster during the show as security escorted him to the outer aisle,


Ha. Thanks--I was wondering what the guy was doing.

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My friend ran into Jim James at the beer line. Probably not a strange thing for Louisville.

I KNEW I shoulda drank more beer!


Posters will be available on WilcoWorld, as well as my website, this coming week.


And nice pics, Vince. I need to get a grownup camera one of these days...

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This show was great. Everything was set up for a perfect night. I was really excited when they played walken. I'm not a big fan of SBS compared to older discs but that one song alone makes up for it. Also when they played Just That Simple I didnt realize it has been so long since they have played it, which makes it that much better. I'm never one to buy much merchandise but i have to get ahold of one of those posters. Jeff was funny and showed his dylanesque qualities last night while Nels was totally fucking insane, I would pay to watch just him. If anyone missed Dr. Dog last night then they missed out on a great opener. I've never been one to watch a opening act i dont know, but they were suprisingly really good. The seating in that place was great and it seemed like the crowed was really feeling it.

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Just got back home from a really rockin' good time. Friday night in L'Ville & the crowd was ready to go crazy. ALOT of booze being consumed in my area. The band must have realized this- not alot of quiet introspection (although She's a Jar was wonderful).


One of the best setlists I've ever seen. The best part of the evening (for me): during IG, my wife & I go to get a beer. I'm assuming that I'll be schwilling some shit beer when Poca looks around & sez "Hey look, they have Red Hook IPA over here!" We grab the beer and then John busts out "Simple". :worship


It was a wonderful time...great to see Johnny & Jenny again (& ESue, however briefly) & very nice to meet Vince (ashtraysays).

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Great to meet you guys too.... hope you all had a nice relaxing trip back up home.


I still don't know who was with Glenn on the shaker thingie for Handshake Drugs. Didn't anybody see that?


And I will be looking for a copy of this show, people! I saw at least two recording setups if the Sirius feed turns out as lousy as some were saying. I could definitely listen to that one again. And again...

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blah. i don't even know where to start. i'm so exhausted from the long drive and having to work all afternoon.


my friend and i took a roadtrip up from knoxville to see this show. this trip was my birthday present, and it was pretty much the best birthday present ever. i'm sorry i didn't get to meet all of you who hung out before the show at the pub. we got lost, and showed up right about 7:45 and decided to go straight to our seats, because we wanted to see dr. dog. we sat on the field, 4th row, the first two seats on the right. the second we sat down, none other than el tweedo came out from beside the stage and walked right past me (i mean literally 5 feet from my seat) and exchanged smiles with me as he walked to the dugout. then dr. dog came on. they weren't exactly what i was expecting after watching videos on youtube, but i still enjoyed it. halfway through their set i turned around and saw glenn, john, pat, and mikael leaning over the fence in the dugout watching the show, and i noticed nels and jeff sitting down on the bench in the dugout. ladee ladee da, wilco finally took the stage. and all i can say is it couldn't have been more amazing. i said going into this show that it would be amazing, considering it was the last show of the tour, and that it was at a baseball stadium. and you know they're gonna step it up when they're playing somewhere like a baseball stadium. misunderstood was the perfect opener. forget the flowers blew me away. that was the highlight of the show at the tennessee theatre the year before last for me. and i was hoping they would play it last night. but i expected they wouldn't, because a girl requested it jeff's solo show at the bijou last year, and jeff said that his wife said it was "dog shit" and that he doesn't play it anymore. impossible germany. oh shit. i'm going to tell you this story, but none of you are going to believe it, or think i was just imagining it, but i don't care. doesn't change the fact it happened. but i could swear the whole night, jeff and i kept exchanging glances. i think he noticed that i was up dancing around, and singing the words to every song. when everyone else next to me was standing there with their arms folded. well during the entire last verse of impossible germany, he was staring directly in my direction, staring dead on, and i swore it was at me, but i thought there's no way. but during the "nothing more important than to know someone’s listening" part... i knew for sure he was staring at me, singing it back at him. and, i can't say i've ever had an experience like that. sharing that moment with him, was better than meeting him last year. and that's saying ALOT. because when i met him last year after the bijou, it was the night before i had surgery, and i was nervous as hell. but talking to him for that little while made everything all right. anyways. i'm typing all this on no sleep if you can't tell. it's just that simple + too far apart = absolutely amazing. it's nice to see A.M. being brought back. plus, john can really tear up the place with that song. california stars, call it cliche, is still my favorite song of all time. and hearing it there, outside under the stars, made it all the more perfect. box full of letters was absolutely amazing. it was the highlight of the night for me... until red-eyed and blue>i got you>OUTTASITE!. i was hoping the entire trip that they'd play some BT, ESPECIALLY outtasite. and i was really disappointed throughout the show that they didn't play any. and then my dream came true. i expected them to end after i got you, but noooooooo! they played outtasite! which was the only song i cared about hearing all night. i figured it would be the perfect song to play that night, and i can't be more glad they did. so anyways, after the show i ran over to the side of the dugout, and got a high five from all of the guys. and being the idiot i am, i sat my camera down, so i didn't get to record it as it happened. but overall, you couldn't have asked for a better show. i still can't get over it.




p.s. pictures and videos soon!

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