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Any John Martyn fans??

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I'm a big fan of the stuff he recorded in Woodstock with his wife Beverley Martyn (Stormbringer & The Road To Ruin), they've got a great sound to them, and it help that Levon Helm plays drums on some of the songs and John Simon is on it too. "John The Baptist" from Stormbringer is certainly a classic song, at the very least. They are a lot like Richard & Linda Thompson's first few albums in regard to the fact that they take it in turns to sing lead - which I think gives them a nice variation in feel without changing things about too much. Oh, and Bless The Weather is fantastic too. Not a massive fan of Solid Air for some reason, One World is really good and then that's where my liking for him ends. I actually haven't heard his first 2 albums, because I took them to be not so in keeping with my liking, but maybe I should check them out.

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was looking through the record collectors price guide at work today and his first record goes for around 90 quid and the second not alot less which explains why dont see a whole bunch of them about


the first one features his version of Dont Think Twice Its Alright which is in my opinion the best version ive heard of the tune, aswell as 2 other songs that are written around the same melody

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