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Wow has this thread gone sideways. Froggie you are an evil genius. Well for the fun of it, here I go:


Casino Cock/Cock Queen

Box Full of Cock

I must Be Cock

(Was I ) In your Cock

Company in my Cock

You Are My Cock

Heavy Metal Cock

Bob Dylan's 49th Cock


I could amuse myself with this all day but somebody else deserves to have fun too.

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Cock in my Back


Ashes of American Cocks

Cock is Chrome

Muzzle of Cock


In a future Cock


Almost the entire new album lends itself so well to this exercise:

Either Cock

You are my Cock

Impossible Cock

Cock Blue Cock

Side with the Cock

Shake it Cock

Please be patient with Cock

What Cock

Cock and Cock and Cock


I'll bet that's how Jeff and co. came up with all the song names.

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The sad thing is that I heard that Timberlake actually does this song live.


Yeah, here is a video:


It is really surreal to hear thousands of girls screaming and singing along to this, and years ago the same girls were probably doing the same for "Bye Bye Bye" or some other Nsync hit. Crazy!

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