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10/13/07 Crossroads KC, MO

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What's all this city bashing about? It has nothing to do with Jay, you wouldn't understand. I can't wait not to see you when they decide to come back. Wilco playing a show at the Fox Theater was quite a treat, Jeff was so damn nervous playing a venue like that when he grew up going to shows there, and having the known it's past history. Half the Wilco songs you probably love have references to St. Louis and will never know!


Hail Hail Rock And Roll!


No real city-bashing from me; it was tongue-in-cheek in light of the recent KC bashing. If I really hated StL, I would have left the area a long time ago. I've got the best of both worlds - idyllic small-town living that's 15 minutes away from downtown StL. We love it, even though the city definitely has its problems.


Wilco's St. Louis shows are awesome, because so many old fans, friends, and relatives come out. It's a unique atmosphere that I've never seen replicated at any of their other shows with the possible exception of Columbia and Chicago. That show at the Fox really was a great one, partially because Jeff was so openly awed at playing such a revered venue in his hometown.


I always roll my eyes when critics were writing about how much of a Chicago song "Heavy Metal Drummer" is, considering The Landing is in St. Louis. The local references run deep in their music. That's the most obvious one.

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"I couldn't beeeeeee....I couldn't beeeeee any closer to you....I couldn't beeeeeee any closer to you Elton...I couldn't be any closer to you, now."


:yay :wub



(Is that Jeff that says "No closer!"? I didn't remember that... LOL )

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There's a scene in the movie Old School that reminds me of some of the posts in this thread...


Luke Wilson: "Excuse me, driver, the seat belt is broken, what do you suggest I do?"


Taxi driver: "I recommend that you stop being such a ..."


I'll leave that last word out so as to not offend anyone's fragile sensibilities. But the point is made.


It's a rock show. Drink it up, smoke it up, whatever. Have a good time. That's what it's about.

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