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Wilco's set streaming LIVE (video) on Sunday from Voodoo!

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Yeah, the older stuff does rock pretty hard. I was blown away when I first heard these songs (too far apart, i got you, outtasite) in Columbus a few weeks ago.


Totally, it makes it all the more exciting to finally see those songs!


I think Jeff is starting to enter his prospector/mountain man phase.


Aw, somebody's getting married :) And then Jeff made the moment all the more touching haha

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Walken recording doesn't even compare to the live version. That was amazing. I'm so glad a camera guy got the memo on filming Pat for most of the end.


This is so cool, I love how they're getting behind Glenn and Mikael so I can get a better look at what they do. I'm picking up little things about everyone's playing that I haven't noticed live before.

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You'd think the amount of fun it looks like they have playing a song like I Got You would cause them to want to write more songs like that so they could play them live and have fun. Oh well. Hopefully this does get archived cuz I gotta go. This thread would have gone 20 pages easily back when I posted here more often, is there some other Wilco related site now or has the traffic dropped off that much?

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