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Cool Cover of Pot Kettle Black

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Great job -- not many 17-year-olds out there have the wherewithall to arrange a song for horns. It's nice to see that there are kids out there who can read and transcribe music and have some knowledge of music theory. Most guys at that age just want to learn a few popular songs on guitar so they can impress girls (you couldn't walk down the hall in my dorm freshman year of college without some dude playing "Wonderwall" or some Dave Matthews song with his door open in hopes that a easily impressed co-ed might walk by).


Anyway, keep up the good work -- I loved how the horns recreated some of the cool synth parts from the original. Also, you really stayed true to the feel of the original without giving it that marching band feeling that you often hear when brass sections adapt rock songs not originally meant for horns (you know, at pretty much any college football game).

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emo is kinda like punk. think "my chemical romance". i have always thought it was short for "emotional", but i don't know if that's right. and, i don't know if one of the actual band members from "a blaze we fall" posted that, but, if they really do spell it like that... that's easy pickens for trash talk. it should read "ablaze we fall".

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This is a good read


I just read that "emo" has the most definitions on urbandictionary. Over a thousand. Hard to define, or highly subjective term i guess.



This definition made me lol...



Punk music on estrogen.

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