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I have a profile which I ignore, mostly.

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I'm guessing every1 else ignores it too then?

God, I hope so. It isn't up to the standards of my other Internet content. If Facebook wants it better, they can pay me.

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i'm always fascinated by these things, so i'm in but have no idea how that whole thing works.

I can't really figure it out either. MySpace is OK, even though it seems, in essence, like an unreliable way to send people e-mail. And maybe get laid - I have heard stories, but I can't find that function on my page.

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forgive my ignorance but what exactly is facebook? is it just like myspace?


It's like myspace sans bullshit. Easier to do everything since it's not in HTML as well. Only people you know contact you and not johnny or suzy slutto :ermm

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