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Wilco in 2007

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Since the last Wilco show of 2007 has passed, I'm wondering....


What was your best Wilco moment of 2007?


And is there a Wilco moment you hoped for but didn't get? (i.e. saw them live, hoped they'd play x, etc.)


My best Wilco moment of '07: hearing Poor Places in Iowa City


Missed Moment: I hope to hear Thanks I Get live.... never happened

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Best Wilco moment - Seeing Wilco from the front row center in Dallas.


Best Tweedy moment - Seeing Jeff Tweedy solo in Dallas


Missed Moment - Box Full of Letters scratched from the setlist.


One more thing - Saw Wilco twice and Tweedy solo in an 11 month period. It doesn't get any better than that! :thumbup

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Best-Seeing them in Denver both nights, taping both nights, and getting the show poster signed

Missed-Being a few shows off of seeing the reintroduction (and for some introduction) of Box Full Of Letters, but that seems to always be my luck with Wilco

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best moment: finally getting to see them live! what made it even better was getting to see them with my wife and hearing them play "On and On and On" (our "song")


missed moment: i'm still holding out hope for a wilco punk album :rock

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best moment: being front row [with happeningstone and vwcommercial...!] in milwaukee last month. what a trip!

[by the way, the rave's pictures are awful...but there are glimpses of my boyfriend and i, as well as our other {previously mentioned} vc cohorts in a couple of photos. my face in mid-action is not pretty.]


missed moment: seeing andrew bird with wilco for jesus, etc.



maybe a little simplistic, but i guess i might not know what else i'm missing.

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Best: Either Way opening the Northampton show. They hadn't been playing it too much, and there isn't a song that better sums up what's been going on in my life in 2007.


Missed: I was really hoping for a New Year's Eve show in Chicago, since I'm going to be out there that week for work. Oh well. Also, I was going to go see Nels play with Jenny Scheinman back in August, but the Woodstock show was the same day as my grandma's 80th birthday party.

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Best Moments:

-getting to meet all of the guys after the Calgary show in the summer

-hearing Via Chicago, Company in my Back, and Poor Places live

-release of SBS


Missed Moments: I would really have loved hearing Lets Not Get Carried Away this year.


Really though, its been a fantastic year of Wilco and here's to more great years to come!!! :cheers

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Best moment: Accidentally wandering into soundcheck at the Columbia, MO, show and getting an up-close, damn near private 30-minute show. Getting to hear "Box Full of Letters" at the soundcheck. I was with one of my best friends, who I only see once a year or so, which made it quite possibly my best Wilco moment ever:




Getting an autographed drumstick with Glenn that day was icing on the cake.


Missed moment: I would have loved a hometown St. Louis show, but having seen them in Columbia and KC, I'm not complaining.

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best moment, poor places-spiders in Iowa City. ( been relived many times through the wonder of the internet" :cheers


missed moment, hearing andrew bird on jesus, etc :ohwell

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Best moment: Accidentally wandering into soundcheck at the Columbia, MO, show and getting an up-close, damn near private 30-minute show. Getting to hear "Box Full of Letters" at the soundcheck.


WOW! There must have been a certain dream-like quality to that whole experience and the picture is fantastic!


Anyway, my best moment: Meeting Pat before Barcelona, requesting In a Future Age and it getting played! (is that more than one moment?) So, while I'm exceeding my moment quota, second best moment (a very long one): the first encore in Dresden. Get this: "War on War", "Why would you wanna live", "Poor Places", "Reservations">"Spiders".


Missed moment(s): Dublin - those setlists look incredible.

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best moment.. there were 3 actually. always wanted to see remember the mountain bed live, and they played at the first melbourne show. also asked jeff beforehand to play acuff rose at the end of the show and he did. then there was the sydney one - great atmosphere all over the place and a personal shout-out to me


missed moment: we have plenty of smaller venues around here that jeff could have done a solo show at.. if anyone close to the band is reading... please consider!

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i saw 3 wilco shows this year and one jeff solo show.

Jeff solo:

Knoxville 1/30/07



Atlanta 6/19/06

Berkeley 8/24/07

Santa Barbara 8/26/07


best solo show- the only one i saw. my sister went with me and she ended up in the front row. we got to talk to jeff for a bit afterward and he was really sweet to my sister who was freezing and nervous about meeting him.


best wilco show- without a doubt out of the 3 times i saw wilco this year the berkeley show was the best setlist wise. santa barbara was cool because i got to be in the front row with donna (and collin was right behind us)... atlanta was rainy, but i got to meet and hang out with evonne for the first time... they all have their merrits, but berkeley was just epic. "in a future age" was just glorious.


best song-

the lonely 1 in santa barbara. :omg i still can't believe they did that.

and "wishful thinking" from the solo show.

my sister also got to hear her favorite song('how to fight lonliness') too because she yelled it out and he played it.


best moment-

pogo-ing with donna and collin to "spiders".

and telling jeff how much "the lonely 1" means to me.

glenn's stand-up-right-before-ITMWLY because it made me laugh every time.



missed moment- probably not getting to see "box full of letters" or "it's just that simple".

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Best moment would be seeing Wilco live for the first time (their first time in BC since 2004!). That would be followed up closely by watching them sound check Bob Dylan's 49th Beard and When The Roses Bloom Again and Too Far Apart (before they played it for the first time in years that night).

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watching the soundcheck first night in Dublin


then spending the whole gig in the photo pit second night, having the piss taken out of me by Jeff onstage and then spending an hour or two with the band in their hotel bar having a Guinness or two at the very end of their tour.



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best: seeing jeff solo in birmingham and the 'rainy' atlanta show. my wife went to both shows and she had not been to a show with me since the roxy in '01.


missed: not being there in person to hear 'too far apart' and not being there at the 10/20 show... that might be my favorite bt download ever! the crowd sounded fantastic signing out loud to ever track.


plus i had hoped for a release of sbs demos... oh well.

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Best: having my whole family of 5 together to see and meet the band in Indy. The audience participation on "Shake It Off" will always be remembered.


Missed: still not having heard a "Remember the Mountain Bed" live. One of these days...

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