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Wilco heard while you're out and about

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About everytime I go into Kohls clothing store I hear "You & I".


yep, i heard it a few days ago in kohls


my daughter txted me and told me wilco was playing in mcdonalds but she didn't know what song it was...just said it was a slow song. :)

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While at the endodontist getting a root canal, the assistant gave me some headphones and explained Pandora for me. She asked me what genre or artist I would like to listen to so I picked Wilco. Nothing like having the pulp from one of your molars taken out while listening to "The Lonely 1"

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"California Stars" at a Qdoba restaurant in Columbia, SC. I was there for about 30 minutes, and other than that wonderful little tune it was nothing but bland and annoying Spanish-language mainstream pop/R&B/dance/hip-hop crap.


Tasty burrito, by the way...

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True story...."One Wing" is playing at the grocery store this afternoon...I'm humming a little bit and this chick asks me who it is. Naturally, I proceed to tell her briefly about the band and before you know it, we're having coffee next door and plan on meeting again this weekend. :huh ...I thought this shit only happened in moviesPenthouse Forums.


Thanks, Wilco. :thumbup


What you're REALLY hoping for...LOL

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