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Wilco heard while you're out and about

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Yesterday Wilco played in my hometown Madrid...although I could not attend this time. Here is a (unedited, sorry) Google translation of their sold-out gig. Original Spanish chronicle in https://www.el

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You Are My Face. Impossible Germany. Sky Blue Sky. Side With The Seeds. Shake It Off. Please Be Patient With Me. Hate It Here. (5 seconds of ) Leave Me (Like You Found Me).

Newbury Comics Nashua, NH 9:30-10pm.

The Wilco fan that I recently made friends with played this during his shift. We joked about how closing time saved everyone from hearing the least liked song in the awesome Wilco catalog.

He also said that he saw the Pines Theater 2007 concert on Palladia in November or December of the same year (for those of you that remember that story that I posted in September. Still a mystery to us all)

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"Hi this is Jeff Tweedy from Wilco and you're listening to CBC Radio Two Drive" (followed by "Wrote A Song For Everyone" by Mavis). Just now.


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Heavy Metal Drummer in the Old Dominion University bookstore today. It was a moment of pure serendipity, and here's why. . . .


I was with an old friend who is a very recent convert to Wilco fandom. I've been working on her for a while now, spoon-feeding her CDs and DVDs one at a time. (We've been friends since we were 10 and we were both obsessive John Lennon fans--we kept the most amazing scrapbooks, and John was "our" Beatle.) She's actually coming to the Tweedy show in Charlottesville with me, something that is WAY out of character for her these days.


So, anyway, our lives have taken pretty different paths and we don't see each other all that often, but we had lunch today and stopped into the bookstore afterward. When we walked in we heard HMD being piped in! It was a surreal moment.

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