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Wilco heard while you're out and about

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I've never heard Wilco at Steve Nash Fitness World (and suspect I never will), however, yesterday morning I spotted a dog-eared copy of "American Songwriter" - the one with Jeff winking on the cover - sitting on a ledge between the cleaning station and a row of bikes!

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Not sure if this really counts, but as I was shovelling the 10"-15" of snow that fell overnight while listening to my i-pod, I heard a bunch of birds chirping. I thought I lost my mind until I realized that "Summerteeth" came up on shuffle.

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How To Fight Loneliness on House.


Yep, I saw that. Got all excited and made the family listen while I cranked it. They played a pretty good chunk of it too.


Off topic but I can't decide if Cutty is good looking or not on that show.

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Went to see Sarah Harmer last night, and she covered "I Must Be High". Did a fantastic job!! It's pretty sweet when one of your favorite artists covers another one of your favorite artists :rock


Really? Wow, that's something I really would love to have heard! Where was that? Damn. Sarah is awesome! (I guess Jeff is all right, too.) :lol


Fwiw, I saw Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit here in Chicago last week and he did Acuff-Rose. And then the opening act at this Minutemen tribute I saw last night did Reservations.

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