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Wilco heard while you're out and about

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It is wonderful to tune in and catch up on the latest about Wilco happenings.

From Grammy Mccar greetings to MMA 3 and even WGN weathman...


It's interesting that Jeff has lately refered to Wilco as being a "pop" band.

Freedom to play all popular genres? ( lets hope/ sky is the limit ).

The expanding scope of Wilco's music influence is evident in the R&B/ Blues arena with the Mavis Staples up coming show with JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound as opener. ( of course with JC Brooks' blues cover of IATTBYH )

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And yet again today, on NPR, some kind of an interlude on a between-shows news update: a few bars of "She's a Jar", which confused me for a minute because that's my cellphone ringtone, and I was reaching in my purse when I realized the sound was coming from the radio. :blink

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Yesterday at work one of my employees had her Ipod playing classic rock thru a boom box ... I like to pretend I am indignant about lots of things with my crew just for fun.. so I started bitching at her about "Where in the hell is the Wilco?" she then proceeds to cue up Jesus Etc...

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Let me set the scene. I'm in the truck, windows down on a 65 degree sunny Kentucky afternoon. I've just picked up my girls (6 & 4) from the babysitter and a detour is in order...its way too pretty out. We are winding thru a local, densely wooded park with sunlight beaming thru the leaves where it can. Josh Ritter's "Light of My Lantern" goes off of the excellent local public radio station and I hear those sweet first few strums...ah "California Stars". Made our day.

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Doesn't exactly fit the criteria, but was watching the most recent House of Lies and one of the guys said " turn your frown upside down.". I have some live show, must be a Tweedy show (from D.C. I think) where he banters about being embarrassed by that lyric. So that qualifies as a " Wilco heard while out and about", I think.

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