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Wilco heard while you're out and about

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Great to hear this interview.


Interesting to think about what AM and the trajectory of the band might have been if they hadn't felt like they had to rush to get AM recorded and published to ensure not getting dropped by their label. Really nice to hear the compliments of Max and Brian too - John saying that Brian's guitar playing makes the album for him is quite a compliment. On a similar note, interesting that they didn't touch on the changing lineup between the albums and what effect (if any) that (Jay joining) had.

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Speaking of the Marina towers (and even more of a stretch...)

My son was visiting a friend of his in Chicago this past weekend and sent me a text saying "the friend I'm visiting lives in those buildings on the front of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album!"

I was proud that he knew that and then took the time to tell me.

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I heard Wilco on terrestrial radio for the first time this past week (the first time that I recall, at least). Heard I Can't Stand It on 88.5 FM here in So Cal. For any other SoCalers within earshot, it is a pretty darn good station playing an eclectic mix of older / good / deep tracks, as well as, current good stuff. For example, heard Visions of Johanna, St Vincent, Don Henley, Hold Steady just to name a few. Seems like a station for someone with Wilco tastes.

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