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Wilco heard while you're out and about

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The young girl in Don’t Let Go has a dog named Wilco. The film was directed by Jacob Aaron Estes who also directed Mean Creek which featured Pot Kettle Black. She calls out for him quite a few times, so I know it wasn’t my imagination.

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I had to visit the dentist for a crown this afternoon. During the portion where they had to drill out the cavity, between bursts of drilling sounds I heard the unmistakeable groove of 'Everyone Hides'. Just as I got excited there was more drilling. It was like the 'Less Than You Think' remix of the song.

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I used to hear Wilco every time I left the house when I was living in a 98+% white neighborhood in the late stages of gentrification.


Since moving two years ago to an area that is much more diverse, probably majority black, and far less affluent, I have not heard Wilco a single time.  


That's not surprising in the least, but what is interesting to me is that I work next to a college campus, and I have never heard Wilco when I go out for lunch or coffee.  Wilco seems like it'd be a happy medium between college students and office workers.

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Just heard love is everywhere (beware) in a Corona commercial. On tv. On account of I’m still not hardly going out. On account of the virus. 

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