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Revival 000 Jeff Tweedy Ltd. Edition...

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That headstock is amazing. Honestly, I love it a ridiculous amount. However, considering I've only even seen $6,000 in one place at one time once or twice in my life, I doubt I can justify a bank loan for a guitar.


"Wait, you want this line of credit so you can get a guitar?"

"No man, you don't get it. This is JT's guitar."

"Justin Timberlake's?"



"You know Wilco?"

"Oh yeah! They play that CD in Starbucks all the time. You're getting the singer guy's guitar?"

"Well, it's not His per say, it's just like his. A lot."

"...So it's a guitar that's not his."

"Well it is and it isn't."

"Why don't you just listen to the CD?"

"I hate you."

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If only I weren't married and had 4 kids I might actually be able to afford this. On an entirely seperate note, I am trying to put together some money for an operation that my cat needs. The total will come to around 6,000 dollars. For the really good surgery where they will actually give the cat anesthetic it will be a little more expensive, around 8,500 dollars. Time is short so any help that the fine people of this board can offer would be greatly appreciated by not only me and my hopeful, young, sad, children but also by my cat, Bones. Thank you in advance.

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Nice guitar, would be a welcome addition to our collection, but given the price, it's not going to happen. That, and the current hold on buying guitars due to "lack of room" in our current small abode :( I still check Craigslist though everyday for a guitar that will change my husband's mind about the space issue!

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While waiting for another purchase to be cased up for him, he happened to spy upon the wall a limited edition Breedlove Revival 000 12-fret Calendar guitar (from the 2006 Calendar Series). After playing that guitar for a few minutes, he requested that it be added to the bill, and walked out of the store with it.
Oh....if it were only that easy. See -- I could do that too, but I'd be cursing my Visa bill for the next two years. :)
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Whether fortunate or unfortunate, both my husband and I have a keen interest in guitars... fortunate as we have a nice collection, but unfortunate because we have to curtail spending on that particular hobby. And more unfortunate for me because I'm more of a collector, and like to buy guitars to have them around, I guess how some people collect art -- my husband is the voice of reason though, and a $6K acoustic that isn't vintage doesn't pass the test.


Now, to use this guitar to convince him that a nice long neck ES-330, preferably a 69 TDC, isn't too pricey! Or a vintage J-45 if I want a more direct acoustic to acoustic comparison...

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