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Speaking of Netflix recs...


The site offers recommendations based on returns you enjoyed, and sometimes the connections are ridiculous. For example, today I was offered The Sorrow and the Pity. True, I've been meaning to check out Pity for more than 15 years, but not because I previously enjoyed All About Eve, Annie Hall, and Badlands. Netflix's math, of course, is impeccable: Woody Allen romantic comedy + bitchy Broadway melodrama + rural teens on homicidal spree = 1972 documentary about Nazi occupation that runs three-plus hours.


I guess because Woody goes to see Pity in Annie Hall, it's only logical that all viewers of Annie Hall would want to check it out, too.

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The Iron Giant

Yeah, it's a kids' movie, but in the same way as The Nightmare Before Christmas. That is to say, it's not with a smile and a wink, but it truly works on an adult level.


Directed by Brad Bird (Ratatoullie, The Incredibles) who, for my money, is one of the best directors working today, period. Oh, and it's traditional -- not computer -- animation. A really great movie.

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Not live action, but after scanning those titles, I recall


That's the year I was born.


I recently got my hands on a very clear copy of The Omega Man.


We saw I Am Legend the other night. It seems to borrow from both The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man. I thought it was alright - but I could have done without the SUDDEN JARRING SCENES OF SURPRISE.


I got the complete Highlander from Santa Claus this year - although, I doubt many would care to see that.

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