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AGIB 2004 Tour Comp

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Does anybody know where can I download the AGIB 2004 Tour Comp? I Think that are 4 cd's. I have looked in every site I know and nothing....


As I know that someone will post one site where it is :stunned , here is the other day concert in Bilbao the 14/11/2007.




I was at that concert and was amazing!!!


Thanks in advance.

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It could be that the dude can't do BT - I would think that person is a member here - maybe they will speak up. I am sure it was created by someone here - probably a thread about it in the archives somewhere. If nothing else - someone can get it from him, and seed it on http://bt.etree.org/. Whatever the case - please - let's not do a low bit rate Mp3 and sendspace it.


I just emailed the dude -so we will see.

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i authored it and would be happy to send it via old school b&p. Glad to see it's still in demand :yes


send me a pm.



Just thought I should mention that I still listen to it on a regular basis. I've found it to be one of the better comps out there. Very thorough. I'd be glad to sendspace it as I only have AAC (MP4) files of it should anyone want it and not mind a lossy copy.

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If they are transcodes, you don't want them.


I'm not sure what you guys are talking about but it was authored in wav and converted to flac when the dime torrent was run two years ago.

I think a torrent was even run here at some point.


There are a bunch of losses copies in peoples collection around the world.



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