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Favorite Westerberg Line

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I think it's "Fingernails and cigarettes a lousy dinner" but your version is good too.

You're probably right.

And thanks.


I was also searching for a line from "Left Of the Dial", because I know it has many. But I just brainfarted and couldn't think of any.

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It might be trite but whenever I fly the following lyric runs through my mind:


"Sanitation expert and a maintenance engineer

Garbage man, a janitor and you my dear

A real union flight attendant, my oh my

You ain't nothin' but a waitress in the sky"

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Pretty girl keep growin' up, playin' make-up, wearin' guitar

Growin' old in a bar, ya grow old in a bar


Well, a person can work up a mean mean thirst

After a hard day of nothin' much at all


Your age is the hardest age

Everything drags and drags

You're looking funny

You ain't laughing, are you?



Everybody at your party

They all look depressed

Everybody dressin' funny

Color me impressed


Sittin' at home, I'm so excited

Goin' to the party tho' we weren't invited


Label wants a hit and we don't give a shit


Well, you say that you'll both be real happy

You forgot to tell your eyes

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I'm not sure I could possibly come up with my favorite Westerberg line. His weakest lyrics are on par with most bands best. This one jumped at me though:


The windows are dirty let's hope it rains

and another newspaper

something to do with my change

I see we're fighting again

In some fucking land

throw in another tape man

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"I forgot my one line so I just said what I felt..."


"Somewhere there's a smile with my name on it" is also great


But then again there's "The words I thought I brought I left behind, so never mind"


Hell, I could go on with this one...

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So many great ones to chose from...


Get up from a dream

and I look for rain

Take an amphetamine

and a crushed rat's brain

How am I feelin

Better I suppose

How am I lookin

I don't want the truth

What am I doin

I ain't in my youth

I'm past my prime

Or was that just a pose

It a wonderful lie

and I still get by on those



Well she's kind of like an artist

Sittin' on the floor

Never finishes, she abandons

Never shows a soul

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Cold without so much

Can die without a dream

Live without your touch

I'll die within your reach


:wub i have a live version of that tune that gives me chills every time i hear it. i also like it because P-Dub changes one of the lines to:


'never seen no mountains...except on a six pack of beer'

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