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The Black Crowes

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They played East Virginia Blues last night. The show is up on Dime, I hope it makes it's way to bt.etree.org.


Sure you already know, but it's up on bt-etree. Haven't had a chance to listened to it, yet, with the exception of the East Virgina Blues - Dickinson sounded great on the tune.

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Last night's show (9/19/2010), is up at bt.etree.org. (I am think about making a thread in the bit torrent section to list all the shows from this tour. Is there enough interest around here to spend time on doing that?)


01. Intro

02. Jealous Again

03. Hotel Illness

04. Whoa Mule

05. Lost my Driving Wheel

06. What Is Home

07. Ballad In Urgency

08. Wiser Time

09. East Virginia Blues

10. Oh Josephine

11. Nonfiction

12. My Morning Song

13. Miracle To Me


set two/electric:


01. Move It On Down The Line

02. Black Moon Creeping

03. Let It Be Gone

04. Greenhorn

05. Poor Elijah/Tribute To Johnson

06. Downtown Money Waster

07. Thorn In My Pride >

08. Drums >

09. Blues Jam >

10. Thorn In My Pride

11. Hard To Handle

12. Remedy



13. She Talks To Angels

14. Hot Burrito #2

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Been going through a bit of a Crowes revival lately because of Croweology. I've got tickets to see them in Austin on the 25th. Because of that I've been lurking over at The Black Crowes .org site. Man they really hate the crowes over there. I find it amusing but I have to wonder why all the venom? It is a fan site and in my opinion the Crowes have been great since reforming. Just. Curious and I know better than to expect a straight answer on that forum.

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A lot of people don't seem to care for the acoustic songs, or the so-called country rock songs.


The only one I look at is the one at Crowesbase.

Yeah, I've been over there also. It's a bit more positive but there doesn't seem to be as much activity. I personally love the new musical direction. It seems like a natural progression. I have the BTF-UTF vinyl coming any day now. I love the vinyl track listing. Right now that's my go to Crowes album.

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I've always believed they are a saddly misunderstood band for 95 % of the population. I guess it seems they are also misunderstood by die hard fans also. My brother is like this. He is a huge fan (at least through 3 Snakes), but he won't give the new records the time of day. I could understand if they were new Son Volt bad, but these records hold up pretty well. just wierd.

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yeah. that's what i don't get. if they continued to make music like lions, it'd make sense. but all the new shit is solid.

Yeah. I've been really getting into Warpaint lately. I just bought the live version today. I can't get Wee Who See the Deep out of my head. That song just feels evil.

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i absolutely love 'movin' on down the line'. and live it's even better.

Yeah. I love that song to. That whole album is really good. Not much love for it on the crowes sites. Go figure.


Can't wait to see them on Saturday. I plan on buying that show on cd off of the livecrowes website.

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Kinda disappointed with the set list tonight in Austin. I've been listening to all the Crowes studio album for about two months now and I only knew about half the songs played tonight. They sounded great no complaint there. It just seemed like a night filled with covers. I'll need to see the set list posted but I swear this was a night filled with non album material. What ever. They where tight as hell. I just was hoping for some songs that I knew at least some covers I knew.

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wow. that is a lot of covers. weird song choices otherwise (go tell, only a fool). would love to hear a recording of this














- encore -




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On the Faces' covers, I read that Ian McLagan sat in at the Austin show, which would have been cool to see.


The Crowes also cover the Stones "Just Wanna See His Face" a few nights ago. It's up on bt-etree. It started off kinda rough, but I think it sounded okay.

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I guess it's because of the noise ordinance in Austin that we got such a short set. Stubbs always shuts the outside acts down at 10:30. Pretty funny for a town that brags about being the live music capital of the world. Since they were starting at 8:00 I was hoping to get the acoustic/electric show. Anyone have any info about the other Texas dates?

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