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The Black Crowes

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I'm with you. You are aware that Paul isn't in the band any longer, right? I'm interested to see the Crowes with Luther in concert.





yes. saw Luther play in Rich Robinsons solo band last year.......I turned to my buddy and said 'he'd be great in the Crowes.

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Southern Harmony

By Your Side




Three Snakes


I don't know if I've ever considered the, er, "non-canon" records carefully enough to rank 'em.


I can see what you mean, but if you dig BYS, then I would think The Band album would be your cup of tea. It is not as polished, though - of course. I prefer the jamming side of the crowes.



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blown away u can put three snakes last and bys is before Amorica and Shake


I feel it's massively underrated among Crowes fans, personally. The most timeless songs the band ever recorded are all on this disc. The rockers are wonderful, too.


If it makes you feel better, "Wiser Time" is my favourite Crowes song. Amorica is crazy uneven, though. Just crazy uneven!

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That was really interesting reading Chris' comments on the new record. Kinda makes me psyched to hear this - Josephine and Movin' On in particular.

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This still hasn't leaked to my knowledge, but the band has apparently started streaming the record in full on their site without much fanfare. I just discovered it accidentally when I hit it up to check on the official release date.


PUMPED to hear this!

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A bit, I'd say. I'm not liking it at all, though, unfortunately. There's too much sludgy stomp, not enough soul in the songs. It really reminds me quite a lot of Rich's solo album, and that is NOT a compliment.


Two good songs by my reckoning, the single and Locust Street. The rest I can't imagine ever wanting to hear over anything else they've done.

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A couple of listens in and only some of it is doing it for me while the rest just passes me by. In fairness, that happens a lot to me with this band.

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