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9 Most Unnecessary Greatest Hits Albums

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Such a good laugh for a Monday morning





Amazon user review of Vanilla Ice's greatest hits album:

If you decide to buy this CD, wait patiently by the mail box till it arrives. Upon arrival, quickly open the box, then pull the security tape from the jewel case. Open the jewel case and place the CD in one hand. Break the CD in half, then slit your wrists with the remaining shards. As you begin to die look at your reflection in the mirror-like surface of the broken CD, and ask your self what you were thinking when you ordered this CD!
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Unless you count the single "Aaron's Party (Come and Get It)" peaking at #35 as a hit, there is no place in the world for this attempt at revisionist history. By far, the most shocking thing about this album, other than that it exists at all, is the title. Look at the album cover; even he looks a bit surprised.



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"Won't Walk Away," an about-as-awesome-as-Nelson-will-ever-get pop-rock cheese fest that answers the age old question, "what would it sound like if The Replacements were gang raped by Styx?"


I think I actually peed myself a little bit when I read this. I am so glad there is nobody in the office right now wondering why I am laughing uncontrollably. Thank you so very much for this article. It has truly made my day.

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