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Question about Charleston venue

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Okay I lucked up with two pairs of ROW C tixs to the Charleston show...

I only need one pair... however, trying to decide which pair of seats to sell...

I will offer up on the board, first tho maybe someone who has been there before can help me...

How are the seats numbered? I assume you have two front sections...

OR1 and OR2 with the aisle in the middle, how are the numbers from the aisle in OR2, what number starts?


All four seats look to be awesome, however being left handed, direction/view makes a difference ya know....


Thank ya kindly for any help!!!!

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So now that you have a seating chart, does Analog Man have dibs on those tickets? 'Cuz I want 'em. :hyper

Drazil, if the one person that asked for them gets lucky today and don't need them your welcome to the tixs :thumbup

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Thanks Analogman! I found this one. I guess I'm trying to figure out what seat # starts on row c from the aisle for OR 2...

it's hard to make out. the seats in OR1 i could figure out... thank ya kindly! :lol


You really can't go wrong with any seats in that venue. Unless you are trying to get seats right in front of Jeff, which is what I always do. :thumbup I could find my old ticket stub from the 2006 show to see where our seats were because we were basically in the center.

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