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Unplugged / Acoustic

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Given the wealth of acoustic numbers and quieter arrangements in the catalog, what chance might there be that one (or more) nights would be composed of those songs only?


Or might they do an acoustic "mini-set" somewhere in the set each night?


I would love to see this.


Imagine all five minus Glenn on stools at the edge of the stage (channels the Dead and Zep quite nicely!!)

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Dont worry, Glenn would still be there just behind the kit (unless he gets one of those great all in one drum stools like Ira from Nada Surf has). And for that matter , Mikael would still need a piano somewhere.


Yes, they have played acousticy (great new word) encores in the past, and they essentially played a Wilco unplugged set at the end of a Jeff solo show and at a recent benefit.


But what would be most intriguing would be one entire night of acoustic numbers.


As to the songs, we all know the songs they normally play that way, what is more intriguing is what they might rework (imagine an acoustic Spiders?!)


Bron-Y-Aur Indeed!

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i think you're talking about this one on october 7th, 1995





1995-10-07 Wilco The Courtyard Columbia, MO

1. New Madrid

2. Box Full Of Letters

3. Pick Up The Change

4. Forget The Flowers

5. That's Not The Issue

6. Don't You Honey Me

7. Childlike and Evergreen

8. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

9. Casino Queen

10. Give Back The Key To My Heart

11. Reincarnation

12. I Must Be High

13. Screen Door

14. Pecan Pie

15. The Long Cut

16. Acuff-Rose

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