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Top favorite albums of this decade

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The Sophtware Slump - Grandaddy

Sumday - Grandaddy

Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts - M83

Before the Dawn Heals Us - M83

Sea Change - Beck

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips

Ys - Joanna Newsom

The Salvation Blues - Mark Olson

My Own Jo Ellen - Mark Olson

The Dirty South - The Drive By Truckers

Decoration Day - the Drive By Truckers

Funeral - Arcade fire

Blueberry Boat - The Fiery Furnaces

Boys and Girls In America - The Hold Steady

You Are There - Mono

Fox Confessor Brings the Flood - Neko Case

Is There Anybody Out There, The Wall Live 1980 - Pink Floyd

It's A Wonderful Life - Sparklehorse

Dreamt For Light Years In the Belly of a Mountain - Sparklehorse

And Their Refinement of the Decline - Stars of the Lid

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco

Okemah and the Melody of Riot - Son Volt

Songs III Bird in the Water - Marissa Nadler

Vesperitine - Bjork

Gillian Welch - Time the Revelator

How the West Was Won - Led Zeppelin

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I updated mine:



01. Wilco- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002)

02. Radiohead- In Rainbows (2007)

03. The Microphones- The Glow, Part 2 (2001)

04. Modest Mouse- The Moon & Antarctica (2000)

05. Radiohead- Kid A (2000)

06. Joanna Newsom- Ys (2006)

07. Antony & The Johnsons- I Am a Bird Now (2005)

08. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Abbatoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus (2004)

09. Interpol- Turn on The Bright Lights (2002)

10. OutKast- StanKonia (2000)

11. Brian Wilson- SMiLE (2004)

12. Bob Dylan- Love & Theft (2001)

13. Sufjan Stevens- Illinoise (2005)

14. The Shins- Chutes Too Narrow (2003)

15. The Animal Collective- Sung Tongs (2004)

16. The Streets- Original Pirate Material (2002)

17. The White Stripes- White Blood Cells (2001)

18. TV on the Radio- Return to Cookie Mountain (2006)

19. Andrew Bird- The Mysterious Production of Eggs (2005)

20. The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002)

21. OutKast- Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below (2003)

22. The Arcade Fire- Funeral (2004)

23. Elliott Smith- New Moon (2007)

24. The Strokes- Is This It (2001)

25. The National- Boxer (2007)

26. Radiohead- Amnesiac (2001)

27. Beck- Sea Change (2002)

28. M.I.A.- Arular (2005)

29. M.I.A.- Kala (2007)

30. Wilco- A Ghost is Born (2004)

31. Bob Dylan- Modern Times (2006)

32. Ryan Adams- Heartbreaker (2000)

33. Spoon- Kill The Moonlight (2002)

34. The Notwist- Neon Golden (2002)

35. Radiohead- Hail to the Thief (2003)

36. The Animal Collective- Feels (2005)

37. Franz Ferdinand- Franz Ferdinand (2004)

38. Grand Daddy- The Sophtware Slump (2000)

39. The New Pornographers- Twin Cinema (2005)

40. Loretta Lynn- Van Lear Rose (2004)

41. The Arcade Fire- Neon Bible (2007)

42. LCD Soundsystem- Sound of Silver (2007)

43. Iron & Wine- The Creek Drank the Craddle (2002)

44. Queens of The Stone Age- Songs for the Deaf (2002)

45. Bob Dylan- Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder Revue (2002)

46. Godspeed You Black Emperor- Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennaes to Heaven (2000)

47. P J Harvey- Stories From the City, Stories from the Sea (2000)

48. Yo La Tengo- And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (2000)

49. Wilco- Kicking Television: Live in Chicago (2005)

50. Broken Social Scene- You Forgot it in People (2002)


plus I added favorite singles/songs of 2000-2007:


01. "Mississippi" by Bob Dylan

02. "Pyramid Song" by Radiohead

03. "Ms. Jackson" by OutKast

04. "Jesus Etc;" by Wilco

05. "1 2 3 4" by Feist

06. "3rd Planet" by Modest Mouse

07. "New Monkey" by Elliott Smith

08. "You Know You're Right" by Nirvana

09. "Do You Realize??" by The Flaming Lips

10. "Rebellion (Lies)" by The Arcade Fire

11. "Saint Simon" by The Shins

12. "Bamboo Banga" by M.I.A.

13. "No Cars Go" by The Arcade Fire

14. "Cherry Chapstick" by Yo La Tengo

15. "Tonight, I'll Be Staying Here With You" by Bob Dylan (Rolling Thunder version)

16. "There She Goes, My Beautiful World" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

17. "Hard to Explain" by The Strokes

18. "Hey Ya!" by OutKast

19. "One With the Freaks" by The Notwist

20. "The Way We Get By" by Spoon

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My favorits since Y2K:


1. Wilco - YHF

2. Ryan Adams - Cold Roses

3. Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning

4. Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days

5. Gillian Welch - Soul Journey

6. Bruce Springsteen - Devils & Dust

7. Wilco - A Ghost Is Born

8. Jeff Tweedy - Sunken Treasure: Live in the Pacific NW

9. Ryan Adams - Gold

10. Sufjan Stevens- Illinoise

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Definitely: Sky Blue Sky, In Rainbows, Icky Thump, Easy Tiger, Kill To Get Crimson. I also enjoyed Kala, but I have a feeling it was just a passing fad.


+ a few that haven't been mentioned...


Leonard Cohen - 10 New Songs

Sufjan Stevens - ..Michigan

Townes Van Zandt - In The Beginning

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I probably need to put more thought into this, but off the top of my head:


1. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

2. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

3. The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls in America

4. Kanye West - Late Registration

5. Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica


As for songs:


1. LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends

2. The Hold Steady - Killer Parties

3. Wilco - Poor Places

4. Wolf Parade - I'll Believe in Anything

5. Outkast - Hey Yah!

6. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife 1, 2, & 3

7. Nas - Can't Forget About You

8. Bloc Party - This Modern Love

9. Kanye West - Jesus Walks

10. Calexico - All Systems Red

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Guided By Voices - Do The Collapse (2001)

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker (2001)

Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002)

Paul Westerberg - Stereo/Mono (2002)

Tommy Keene - The Merry-Go Round Broke Down (2002)

Holly Golightly - Truly She Is None Other (2003)

Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway (2003)

Thea Gilmore - Loft Music (2003)

Sleater-Kinney - The Woods (2005)

Heartless Bastards - Stairs and Elevators (2005)

The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (2006)

Teddy Thompson - Separate Ways (2006)

Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (2006)

Nada Surf - The Weight is a Gift (2006)

Ike Reilly Association - We Belong to the Staggering Evening (2007)

Bruce Springsteen - Magic (2007)


'03 and '06 are a little over-represented.

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there is no order to this, but I'd have to say....


Dylan - Love and Theft

Joe Strummer - Streetcore

Andrew Bird - the mysterious production of eggs

the good life - album of the year

christian williams - built with bones

johnny cash - american 4

tom waits - real gone

nick cave - no more shall we part

sufjan stevens - illinois

cursive - happy hollow

the dirty three - she has no strings apollo

lucinda williams - essence

wilco - yhf

elvis costello - delivery man




forgot the self titled tomahawk and electric masada's at the mountains of madness

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Decoration Day Drive-By Truckers

A Ghost Is Born Wilco

Greendale Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Southern Rock Opera Drive-By Truckers

Boxer The National

Boys and Girls in America The Hold Steady

The Dirty South Drive-By Truckers

Sky Blue Sky Wilco

Fox Confessor Brings the Flood Neko Case

Rainy Day Music The Jayhawks

Almost Killed Me The Hold Steady

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Merle Haggard- If I Could Only Fly, Roots Vol. 1

Wilco- YHF, Ghost, SBS

Willie Nelson- You Don't Know Me: The Songs Of Cindy Walker

Jay Farrar- Terroir Blues


Golden Smog- Another Fine Day

Tom Waits- Alice, Blood Money, Real Gone, Orphans

Pearl Jam- Pearl Jam

Okkervil River- Black Sheep Boy

Spoon- Girls Can Tell, Kill the Moonlight, GA GA GA GA GA

Brian Wilson- Smile

Dwight Yoakam- dwightyoakamacoustic.net

Eddie Vedder- Into the Wild

Fishboy- Zipbangboom

The Unfortunate Heads- Come, Be Light

The Shout Out Louds- Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

Islands- Return to the Sea

Elliott Smith- Figure 8, From a Basement on a Hill

The Unicorns- Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone

Sufjan Stevens- Illinoise

Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Merle Haggard- Last of The Breed

The Beatles- Love

The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi

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