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Pee Shiver?

Guest Jules

Pee Shiver?  

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Only when I gobble up a bunch of trucker speed and can't pee for like 8 hours and then I finally can, but it comes out in spurts and takes like 15 minutes.

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Similar to the doing-the-straight-shot-of-bourbon shiver.

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When it's mid-January and you have to make a trip to the outhouse, you're gonna get the pee shivers. Confirmed.

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Thanks for starting this topic Jules, I had never heard of this before, though I almost always get something like this after I urinate. I'm glad to find out I'm not the only one.



Yeah, I can't say I knew there was a technical term for it. I remember talking to my brothers about it growing up, but I always wonder if people think I have a problem when I let out a good shake in a public bathroom (sporting events, airports, etc.).


I find it interesting they really don't know the true cause. The wikipedia page lists some theories. With all the other bullshit they find the money and time to research, you would think this would have been studied.

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