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Guest Runaway Jim

Fuck yeah. Great song. Ever since I first heard that song, I've kicked "spending time" aside. I always refer to "wasting" time now.


I recall someone around here dancing to it at their wedding.

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Opening night looked good. I was surprised to see that tickets were still available the day of the show (or at least the day before when I checked).


Here is a review from Mr. Miner's blog.




Bridgeview, Illinois Toyota Park



Set I

t01 [09:21] Down with Disease

t02 [10:02] Wolfman's Brother

t03 [10:11] Possum

t04 [05:15] Boogie On Reggae Woman

t05 [13:22] Reba

t06 [08:17] Jesus Just Left Chicago

t07 [14:28] The Divided Sky

t08 [04:34] Golgi Apparatus

t09 [11:16] David Bowie


Set II

t10 [13:20] Light>

t11 [09:37] Maze

t12 [15:10] Ghost>

t13 [10:43] Limb by Limb

t14 [07:52] Prince Caspian>

t15 [01:17] The Horse>

t16 [05:15] Silent in the Morning

t17 [11:14] Run Like an Antelope

t18 [06:12] Show of Life

t19 [02:52] crowd



t20 [04:13] Cavern

t21 [07:53] Julius

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OK, here's the perfect place to post my question, I hope: the fansite for my favorite band (Wilco, of course :worship ) in a Phish thread. I'm a Phish concert virgin and to be honest have never really quite gotten the attraction. My 26 year old nephew, also a musician, is a massive fan (went to their Vermont "final shows", went to Red Rocks for the weekend, and much much more--trust me!) Anyway, I will be seeing them--with him and some other friends, an all-ages group--in a relatively small, amphitheatre venue in Portsmouth, VA on Tuesday night, 6/15.


So I have questions for you Wilco/Phish fans: What should I be on the lookout for? Particular songs? Should I try to muscle my way up to the front or just hang out midway back? At Wilco shows--and most others--I like to be standing not more than 2-5 people back from the stage, and I'm an active listener, dancer and singer-along-er. :dancing But then I'm usually a big fan of the music and band. I really want to enjoy this to the fullest extent possible, and I'm prepared to have my eyes opened.


So, Wilco/Phish fans, help a sista out here! Give me some tips to help me get the most out of this experience. I will love you all long time!



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Diane, all I can say is try to have no expectations, at all. It doesn't matter where you are in the venue as long as the sound is good. Just soak up the atmosphere - and a heads up - if you smoke something you didn't bring yourself be prepared to get REALLY high. These people don't fuck around with schwag. In my experience it's high grade all the way. :stunned

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Diane, Enjoy! I've seen both lots. For Phish there is the added entertainment of the crowd itself. Think of it as a little bit of spontaneous performance art. I like to move around, some up close and some where I can see the whole crowd. Have Fun!!! I'm going to Hartford on Thursday night.

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So, I made it to the show last night and lets just say the exceeded my expectations. I thought that there was no way this band would come back playing as strong as they had been in Miami but they did at some points playing even better. The show was without a doubt the best structured I've seen since the return ( I mean look at that first set! What year is it?95?)everything was played extremely well. The composed sections of all the tunes sounded great but even when they weren't taking the songs on long journeys there was tons of great interplay and jamming (check out the wolfmans, nothing to far out there but they kill it).



At the end of last year my biggest complaints were Fishman, page and a few songs that were just not coming together. That all changed last night, page and fishman both played as if they had something to prove. They made it known that they were back on board both playing some excellent fills and solos (yeah thats right fishman antelope solo). SOme of the songs were also coming back together (if memory serves right Reba was nailed as was silent in the morning which while not complex just never felt right last year).


There was also some great improv in the second set, the Light>Maze, Ghost, Limb x Limb sequence was the highlight of the second set. Ghost (another song that wasn't right until miami also sounded fantastic). Limb x limb featured a unique vocal jam tacked on the end.


The night also featured a surprise in a new song "Show of Life". Not only was the song perfectly placed but it fills a void in the phish catalog: the emotional ballad with a soaring guitar part, the deadheads on here know what I'm talking about, you know the post space jerry ballad, the kind of tune that brings a tear to the eye. AWESOME cap to a great night.


IF YOUR ON THE FENCE GET OFF! If last night was a sign it was this: 2009 was a dress rehearsal, 2010 is gonna be the real deal.

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Ghost (another song that wasn't right until miami also sounded fantastic).


What about 11/28/09? I LOVE this version.


I'm glad you had a great time last night. I'm listening to the show right now and look forward to hearing all the Livephish boards after each show. Sounds good so far.

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Thanks, everyone, for the helpful suggestions about enjoying my first Phish concert. So let's see if I've got this right. . .


  • Roll my own, or accept the consequences
  • Don't stress out about where to be--anywhere will be awesome!
  • Enjoy the crowd


OK, I think I've got it. Looking forward to it, and I will post something on here after the show Tuesday night. Thanks, Wilco/Phish fans, I knew I could count on you!

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Diane - my advice to you is this: surrender to the phlow! their catalog is too big and diverse to really be on the look out for anything. be prepared to dance you ass off and make sure to stay hydrated! The portsmouth show will surely be a treat. What a cool, intimate venue. Have fun!


Also, while Page side may be rage side, i much prefer to get bassed right in front of Gordo. Again, hope you have a blast!

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What about 11/28/09? I LOVE this version.


I'm glad you had a great time last night. I'm listening to the show right now and look forward to hearing all the Livephish boards after each show. Sounds good so far.


I believe your speaking of albany? If so, I thought this was way overrated, they don't make a lot of the changes and there seemed to be a lack of direction. I preferred the -7 below out of both of those jams.

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Well, Wilco/Phish phans, my first show (Portsmouth, VA) was an unqualified success on all fronts. Everything sounded great to me and there was definitely a very cool and happy vibe at the show. (I haven't seen security be this nonexistent since. . .well, maybe forever.) The band was tight and, to my ears, they struck a perfect balance of composed and jamming. (This seems to be a matter of some controversy among the hardcore phans, but the thing that I haven't loved about some of what I've heard in the past is the long, meandering extended jams.) I stood up close for all but the first couple of songs--several people I know had gotten there really early and got great sets, but I find I just prefer standing.


Here's the setlist:


Set I: Tube, Kill Devil Falls, Slave to the Traffic Light, Lawn Boy, Poor Heart, AC/DC Bag, Moma Dance, My Friend My Friend, Cold Water, Bathtub Gin, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan

Set II: Wilson, Seven Below, 46 Days, Idea, 2001, Simple > Joy, Taste, Theme from the Bottom, A Day in the Life

Encore: Heavy Things, First Tube


Apparently Wilco fans are real pikers when it comes to obsessive compulsive behavior--if you want to read a totally whacked out review of the concert, check out this link: http://phantasytour.com/phish/boards_thread.cgi?threadID=2345312 and read Lakewood99's 2 posts--I think #137 and 138. Whoo hoo!!


So glad I got to see this show. It was a perfect venue, a beautiful night, a great bonding experience with friends, and some seriously good music. I already downloaded the concert and have been reliving the experience today.

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Looking forward to tonight's Hartford show, but reading that phantsy tour site reminds me that these Phish tours are fodder for some bonafide creeps. Makes Wilco fans look so normal!


Don't bother with phantasy tour. Phishthoughts.com there is great intelligent conversation in the comments section everyday. Come join us!

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