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So I have been falling in love with the sound of Distorted Acoustic guitars thanks to things like Neutral Milk Hotel, the version of 'Camera' from the More like the Moon EP, and even Feists 'I Feel it All'.


I was just wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for how to get this type of sound.


I was going to just go pick up a RAT distortion or something, but I figured it would be smart for me to check it out with you guys first, as I always come here with gear questions.


Thanks in advance dudes and dude-ettes.

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I guess the best recommendation I can make would be to try your acoustic with a variety of distortion pedals and find the one that you like best. There's no shortage of distortion pedals out there. The Rat's a good one, though. Either that, or play an acoustic guitar through an overdriven amp. I think that's how the More like the Moon version of Kamera was recorded (acoustics through cranked AC30s(?)), that's also how the Breeders got their guitar sounds on Last Splash (acoustics through Marshalls).

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From my experience, the RAT sounds awesome with an acoustic. If you turn the distortion knob halfway or more, it will break up nicely, a lot like the distorted version of Kamera.. But like beenthere said, try out a few of them. But the RAT would definitely be my first choice.

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