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The Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL 02/15/08

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Ok, here's what I got, I was trying to keep track as the show went along:


Every Little Thing

Shot in the Arm

Side with the Seeds

You are my Face

I am Trying to Break Your Heart

Pot Kettle Black

At Least that's what you Said

What's the World Got in Store

When the Roses Bloom Again

Airline to Heaven

Ashes of American Flags

Either Way

Jesus Etc

Too Far Apart

Can't Stand It

Sunken Treasure

Spiders (Kidsmoke)





Far, Far Away

Why Would you Wanna Live

Impossible Germany

Sky Blue Sky

Please be Patient with Me

Cars Can't Escape




Hate it Here


I'm the Man who Loves You

Heavy Metal Drummer


Outtamind (out of site)


I believe that this is right. Pretty soon we're going to have 30 competing setlists.

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Whew. Anyway, back to awesome. I had never seen ELT, What's the World Got in Store, When the Roses Bloom Again, Either Way, Too Far Apart, Can't Stand It, Why Would You Wanna Live and Please Be Patient with Me (with the band, that is). I can cross them off the list.


The band sounded great.

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4 tapers, dead center first tier. Jerry E and Brian Skalinder - two others, not sure on those.

warner too :thumbup


saw no professional cameras.

did see tapers.

there were definitely professional cameras..there were a couple photographers working, saw them hanging at the soundboard before the show. i know zoran orlic was there

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saw no professional cameras.

did see tapers.



and wow, that was crazy good.



met some nice VC folks, too.

it was great to meet you! Hopefully see you tomorrow night.

At the break I was thinking "this is the best Wilco show I've seen and it's only HALF OVER!!!" A lot of really great tunes, saw a lot of great people, too. A couple of false starts, too, which is an element that I really enjoy. Makes them seem, I don't know, more human, I guess. Johnny's posters and t-shirt look great!

Evilhorn-can you post some of those pictures you took? I know some of them are great! Can't wait for the rest of the week! Hoping they'll bring back the horn section other nights(especially for whenever they play "Monday").

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they must have oversold the venue. people we standing two per seat in some places in the balcony and people were streaming in looking for a place to sit/stand more than 10 songs into the show (some people even until the end!). Let that be a warning to anyone coming the next four nights.


Show was very good, they sounded better than I think they have in a while. I was nearly blinded by the light display during Spiders.

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this band is so amazing and most people have no idea who they are! too funny. seriously. when you get bit by the wilco bug you get bit hard. did you see tonights setlist? i am seeing them next week in PHI. they are the only band who is anti-new york! im stuck here in hoboken and they rarely play here. lol. i would kill to see one of these shows here. heres hoping they keep playing 33 song shows throughout the rest of the tour :)

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Unbelievable show. What else can be said. Nels and Glenn were both really on, but when are they not?


Highlights- Ashes(Nels Solo), Can't Stand it (W/ Horns), Hate it Here, a fake cop trying to boss people around near the stage, and getting a setlist from a friendly photographer.


They've raised the bar to an impossible level tonight. If the next four nights are anything like tonight was, get excited.

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Fantastic show. It will be difficult to top.


Great version of "Ashes of American Flags"--but my favorites were the rarities.


Lots of frat brats and talkers on the balcony. Oh, well. (I am a recovering frat brat, so I can use the phrase without complete condescension.)


Nels is God. And Glenn is the Devil.

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Best Wilco show I've seen, though it might have had something to do with how close I got. I LOVED the old version of Sunken Treasure. That's one of my favorite Wilco songs. That and Why Would You Wanna Live were really great suprises. I won't pick a favorite song cause they were all so great. :dancing


I'd be interested to know if any V'cers ran into me...I was the obnoxious little kid in the blue flannel near the front.

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