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Total Pros Horn Section

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ya know, the first night of the gigs, I couldn't hear so well when Jeff introed you guys. I thought he called you "The Totem Poles".


anayway, you guys were a great addition to the band and I hope you do more with them in the future.


thanks for posting, take care. :cheers

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The band liked us so much that they asked to come along and play Conan O'Brien and D.C.!

We are very excited. I don't have to tell y'all that you've picked an absolutely fantastic band to be a fan of.

Not only are they a great band, but warm, generous, funny, smart people.

We are all honored to be involved.






That's great news!! Congrats and have fun.


Thanks for the quick bios. You guys were a huge part of a legendary week!

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Thanks for posting and letting us know about future shows! I've been listening to all the shows again, and all I can say is you guys are cool man. B)


Looking forward to the Conan appearance, you are a great compliment to these boys

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You know what was the coolest thing about seeing/hearing you guys play with Wilco? The horn arrangements changed almost every night. They became more elaborate, and they better suited the songs. I thought you guys were awesome, and I am sad I only saw Friday, because after hearing you guys with the band on the radio/internet on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was clear you played a bigger and richer role.


Congratulations, you guys sounded great, and good luck.

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I after listening to the past two nights I have been going on and on about how much the horns enhance the songs : Thanks I Get, Hate it Here, Walken -- just to name a few. I think they really take these tunes to a whole new level.


Unfortunately I will be unable to make the DC show as I will be out of town, but hopefully will get to catch you guys playing with the band some other time.


Really -- awesome work and I am upset I am going to miss you guys playing in DC.

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Becca- (alto sax)- A friend of Nels from Denver who happened to have her sax with her, so we roped her into playing. I'd never met her before this weekend, but she was great, and sight-read everything perfectly.


FYI: Becca's last name is Michalak, I believe. I know she's done a few shows with Nels in LA and Denver in the past.


And I can't really add anything to what's already been said here, but thanks for all of your contributions the past week and for heading out East next week. :thumbup

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