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Amp Help - Jumpering?

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Ive got the VOX handwired AC15 heritage Amp Head with the EF86 channel in it as well.


I was reading a little bit up on it and someone mentioned 'jumpering' the two channels to blend the two tones?


How does one go about doing this in the most efficient way?


Also if I place some sort of volume control between the head and the speaker, will this allow me to crank the head at much higher volumes? It seems obvious that it will, but I dont want to take any chances.


Circuitry and electronics are not my specialty.


Thanks for your help guys.

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I wonder if jumpering is the same as just splitting your guitar's singal with an ABY box into each of the two channels. This doesn't sound quite right since you would suffer some loss in tone from the splitting, and the whole point seems to be to get awesome tone. If it's more than that, then it might require an amp tech, since working on an amp is NOT the place to learn about electronics.


Regarding the second point, you would need a power brake between the head and the speaker:


Power Brake/ Attenuator


Just a simple potentiometer (knob) won't do the trick. A power brake will allow you to crank the amp without driving the speaker so much and getting so loud.


If you search this forum, you'll find a lot said about power brakes/ attenuators/ power soaks.

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If it's more than that, then it might require an amp tech, since working on an amp is NOT the place to learn about electronics.


Working on an amp without previous electronics experience is, however, a great way to get shocked pretty good. It's important to remember that just unplugging the amp is not enough to avoid this problem -- you need to unplug it well in advance of working on it and let it rest a while to allow any stored juice discharge. I'm sure you probably knew that already, but I always feel obligated to point that out when folks mention they have limited experience dealing with electronics and are planning on working on their amp. Safety first and whatnot. I have some experience modding pedals and guitar electronics, but I've yet to do more than cosmetic modifications to an amp, though I've actually been considering doing some modification on the little Fender Champ I use for recording (for those of you regular "Solid State State" technology posters who discussed my options for recording, you can see that I did indeed go with the Champ. It was indeed the way to go. It has great sound for the money and breaks up at volumes perfect for recording).


Anyway, good luck.

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